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Thursday, November 20, 2014
masked lady detail


Checking in from planet Jen. I hope things are well on earth.

( ha ha! stating the above under this particular photo of a painting in a book makes me laugh because it maybe implies that on planet Jen we wear domino masks and loose braids and faux-ermine trim on our black velvet ballgowns while getting ready to write a blog post. MAYBE WE DO on some other part of PJ, but on my particular archipelago at this particular time it's more bathrobe and pajama pants.)

ANYWAY. I have been busy! Work and things. I work more hours now and was just awarded a special job on top of my job but still in my job, job which is exciting! But it doesn't start until Dec. 1.
Details to follow if it doesn't kill me week 1. (week 2 I'm taking vacation!)  Not work has also been good! I've been doing a lot of reading, a lot of needlework and crochet and whatnot, and before it got cold a lot of gardening. GOOD STUFF. I love it all and count my lucky stars that I'm in a position where if I want to, I can pretty much.

How are you? I hope that whatever planet you're on is atmospherically pleasing.

OMG - I almost forgot, which is weird because this is the reason I wanted to be sure and have at least one blog post in November: as of November 20 something, I have had this blog for TEN YEARS! TEN! That's a lot. I may or may not say more about this in the future.

okay. that's all for now. I am ending this transmission. I was going to do more photos but then I lost 20 minutes futzing around with them which is counter to my mission of:  get in, get out, but go more often. Be well, comrades.