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until I became a small hill

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Monday, June 24, 2013

Shit, I thought, as I stared up at the cloudless blue sky and then blocked out the bright sun with my hand. I couldn't face anything, especially not a balmy April day, not right now. Shit shit shit shit shit. Until that moment I'd never considered how useful the word "shit" was; if I could just keep repeating "shit" for the rest of my life, as a single run-on sentence, I'd be fine. I'd be safe. I'd just lie on the ground and get covered by the seasons, by the rotting leaves and the frozen drifts and the year-round grit, until I became a small hill, a part of the landscape which only the occasional drunken vagrant would overhear mumbling "Shit shit shit shit shit...." 

from Gorgeous by Paul Rudnick, which I loved.

More on this SHORTLY. In an attempt to get myself back to this blog, I think I might post a little quote from each book as I finish it. (going forward, anyway.)

three from today

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Friday, June 21, 2013
Busy bumble
bumblebee checks out rose

Slugs sluggin it up
SLUGS. Somehow they don't bug me as much when they're down on the ground doing their thing. When they're up on a flower, though... 

Foxglove from below
All up in foxglove business!

greetings blog, june, etc.

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Friday, June 14, 2013
from cape perpetua

You guys, I am THE WORST this year with blog stuff.  My excuse is the usual excuse, which is life has been busy (good way) and when there has been a moment of not busy I've been staring into the middle distance and letting my brain knit itself back together (or rotting it completely - it's a matter of perspective I guess).

Case in point:  I just watched all of the only season of Scandal on netflix and I am pining away. Why isn't there more on netflix? Why is it 200000 years until the DVDs come out (september)? Why wasn't I watching it sooner? (answer: I burned out hard on Grey's Anatomy.) But this! This show is in the Revenge plot twist/ turn/ burn it all to the ground mode and I cannot get enough. But the first season is only 7 episodes! Sigh.

More soon - I've got to run as is the way of Summer 2013.

(photo above: the view from Cape Perpetua)