stepping around the one million year trap

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Thursday, February 28, 2013
derby excitement!

The worst thing when it has been one million years since I've written a blog post is how I want to say something about how it has been one million years and then I dither for an ADDITIONAL million years and then I'm tired and go to bed.  My strategy this time is to just baldly state it and then get on with it. Will it work? Would it work twice? These are questions that lack answers at this time.

Here is a bullet list of things I've wanted to blog about, but then fell into my one million year trap:

  •  12th century French werewolf
  • butts of the ancients part 2 
  • garden panic!!
  • my sore throat and how I hate it and how I hate that I can't write one single thing that doesn't have me whining about my sore throat and how I hate it. 
  • Nashville
  • Bunheads
  • and how I love both of them
  • POEMS: are they just the right thing to read when my attention span has contracted to the size of a penny? (I blame the internet, by the way. and when I say that I mean my own lack of impulse control.) 
  • Hamlet. Man, that guy has problems AND a ghost, which is also a problem but sort of the least of them. Although it does egg him on a lot. 
  • SMARTPHONE. I have an ancient dumb phone (I notice that they are called "feature phones" and that the "features" are things like voicemail and numbers on a keypad.) Anyway - this is probably a bit more info than a bullet indicates, but I think I'm going to go with which treats mobile stuff like a utility instead of like some kind of bad contract with Rumplestiltskin deal. You buy your phone outright and then just pay for what you use voice/text/data wise. I'm trying to decide which of their phones I want. It's all android, which is fine. I'm a mac user everywhere else, so I'm finding it all kind of exciting. It's good to learn new things, if only I could make up my mind.
  • I keep having this fantasy where someone delivers 3-5k to my doorstep and I can just spend it on electronics. It's BIZARRE as this is not normally the kind of thing I spend too much time thinking about. But I want new everything. I blame the impending spring and that my laptop cursor keeps skipping around. Nothing is dire (except the phone) and I'm just being wanty
  • those black ants that are everywhere: my nemeses
  • SECRET THING (I can/will tell eventually, just not yet) 
  • my favorite podcasts and what kind of thing I like in a favorite podcast and do you have a favorite podcast?
  • Remember when Hugh Jackman hosted the Oscars and he was so charming and funny? 
  • flickr revival! 
There are more things, but I'm going to read a poem, or read Hamlet stabbing some people and go to bed.  It's raining, which is my very favorite sleeping weather of all time/seasons. 
6 comments on "stepping around the one million year trap"
  1. At least you've held onto your list. Usually, if I don't get to it right away, it falls by the wayside and then I end up not posting anything for 3 months. So go you!

  2. ha ha! thanks, man. I know what you mean about the wayside, although lately it just rattles around in my head driving me crazy.

  3. I vote for butts of the ancients!

    1. Especially having experienced the original butts of the ancients tour!

    2. VOTES FOR BUTTS: duly noted!


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