Thursday, May 14, 2015

blooming like whoa


Maybe as I get back into this, I can sneak in a new habit like, say, not waiting till midnight to start! The iris are blooming like WHOA in the garden right this very minute, although this picture is from Saturday.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

dinosaur days



Greetings from my dinosaur friend and also from me.

Flickr has done another big update which makes it easier for me to find GEMS LIKE THIS from my photos. I look forward to posting more of them. In the meantime, let's make up stories about what dinosaur friend is doing. I think she's from dinosaur island and is breathing out a giant cloud to confuse shorter, non cloud-breathing dinosaurs who were making a bad argument about something important to tall dinosaurs.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

long week

absolute sandman

Missed some days! It's been busy and I've been tired. (translation: I am obsessed with a dumb hidden object game.) It's not all been hidden object games, though. This week has included a lot of fun extracurriculars, but if I ever needed proof or reminders that I'm an introvert who needs time to just chill out,  this week has provided it! (I never needed proof or reminders, but I guess it's reassuring to confirm what I already knew?) I left the house exactly once today and it was LOVELY to just stay in and be quiet. (translation: sing along badly to my ipod.) Anyway - I work again Saturday and then two days off!! Woooooooo!!!!! 

this picture is from almost exactly one year ago - I had Absolute Sandman vol. 1 checked out from the library and snapped this picture to mark my place between a bunch of very similar photos I was taking for my etsy shop. 

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

mountain time

toward mt. hood

Is it gross bad manners to post a picture of a sunny day when so much of the country is iced and snowed? If so, I apologize. I had to go to a short (SUPER BORING) meeting today in the Multnomah Building, but the plus side of it all was I got to be outside when I would normally be inside and it was AMAZING. This is from the sky bridge connecting the Multnomah Building to its parking lot. 

toward downtown

And here's what it looks like facing the other direction - the onramp to the Hawthorne bridge and a partial view of downtown. Why do you suppose that guy is walking backwards on the bridge in the bike lane buffer? Why not use the sidewalk? I just noticed him now. Anyway. Time for bed! I stayed up wayyyyy to late last night watching Key & Peele videos on youtube. (Read the Zadie Smith profile of them in the New Yorker - it's really good!) 

Monday, February 16, 2015

videos on boats is what we need!

Yeah, I heard this on the new Android commercial and I LOVED IT and looked it up and here it is.

< 3 u, eyepatch guy

it makes me happy. 

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Friday, February 13, 2015

mystery books


The teen council at the library did a "blind date with a book" project. They wrapped them up and wrote a hint/personal ad for the book and put them on display. It's pretty cute! Several of them have already gone out. With our system, they can be checked out without unwrapping, which helps preserve the mystery! I haven't checked any out* but maybe I will!

* because my to-read stack is too tall! On the docket: 

  • Wolf Hall - still reading this. I love it, but it requires my full attention. The good news is the Thomas problem isn't as bad as it was in the beginning. (everyone is named Thomas!) 
  • Saga vol. 4!! I'm so excited to read this! my hold came in and I've got to get it read, but also don't want to just read it in a hurry. 
  • Get in Trouble by Kelly Link. BEYOND EXCITED for this one. I love her so much. My hold just came in from the library, but she's reading at Powell's on Wed, so maybe I'll just buy my own copy. 
  • The Shadow Cabinet by Maureen Johnson - book 3 of her Shades of London series, which I love! The previous one left off in a very exiting way. 
  • Exploding the Phone - for non-fiction book group. Very much looking forward to it! 
  • Spear of Summer Grass by Deanna Raybourn. I almost forgot about this one because I checked it out digitally from the library so it's not in a visible stack right in front of me. I wanted to read it when it came out, but it got away from me. The Vaginal Fantasy book group just read it and renewed my interest. 
  • Whispers Underground by Ben Aaronovitch. Book 3 of the Rivers of London series. love these books! (also a digital hold from the library.) 

what's on your book stack? 

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

this happens all the time

I check out a really cool book from the library, like this one: Le Notre's Gardens
then I leave it on the shelf until it's almost due without looking at it. It is the only copy in the system. Some other discerning individual has put it on hold, I cannot renew! 


I open it up and see beautiful pictures like this and kick myself for not looking sooner. It happens all the time. I'm trying to train myself to LOOK SOONER, but I'm not 100% on that just yet. 

Dynasty-era cover


I haven't read this one yet! I just learned, thanks to goodreads, that this is book 6 of M.M. Kaye's Death In... series. I just got up and counted and I have FIVE of them with these lamé-glamorous early eighties covers! I must have hit the jackpot at a library sale or used bookstore. I've only read Death in Zanzibar and Death in Kashmir - they were written in the 50s, published with these covers in the 80s (duh) and read by me in the 90s. As I recall, they feature plucky young ladies falling into  international adventures and being cleverer than the villain (who is usually handsome and/or charming as is the way of these books), which is to say the kind of story I like. 

Oh no! I just inspected the covers more closely, and my copy of Death in Zanzibar is from 1984 and therefore lacking the shiny metallic part and the heroine is wearing a jumpsuit. (an EIGHTIES JUMPSUIT.)  I'd better go to bed before I get myself too worked up about this discovery. 

Monday, February 09, 2015

rain walks are the best walks


1) it's when the dinosaurs come out (apparently)
2) sensible people remain indoors
3) which means I can meander and stop and start and do pretty much whatever I want without ruining things for a runner. So many runners!
4) I actually have the clothes for it! even though I want to replace almost all of them. I should say I have the right clothes for a rain walk in the 38 - 55 degree range. Above or below that I would be too cold/too hot/ unlikely to leave the house for a rain walk.
5) I want to start walking to work so I thought I should start practicing

Sunday, February 08, 2015

one way and another


This is from Saturday as I was walking from the car to work. The light was so weird! This doesn't really capture it - the bright sun break glowed against the dark rain clouds. 


And here's the same sidewalk facing the other direction - this way you can see the blue sky (see it? it's there) that allowed for that sun break above. This was at 9 AM.

So I ALMOST made it 1) blogging every day and 2) not talking about it! But now I skipped a day and I'm talking about it. Martina and I decided to blog in february -  she's going for the Quality side of the street while I trade in Quantity. 

Anyway!! more to come! 

Friday, February 06, 2015

enjoy this tree sign

douglas fir sign

I have things to say but it all got away from me this evening. In the interim (between now when my thoughts are about SLEEPING and how much I love it and when my thoughts will be about anything else) please enjoy this picture of a tree sign. What are the trees of your region? We've got a lot in the PNW, but Douglas Fir and Western Red Cedar are our everyday majestic arboreals.

driver's license requirements are different in Iceland

I don't know where to start. It's heartbreaking but then there's the cat (who is kind of an asshole!) and her cape/dress all-in-one, and the bar scene, which is just the best until it shades into the worst. Björk knows how to bypass the rational brain and go right for the subconscious mind that communicates in images and dream knowledge.

plus this one because it's such a great song.

(TIPS AND TRICKS: on a mac keyboard, you just have to click option U to get the umlaut and then type whatever letter needs it.)

Thursday, February 05, 2015

mermaid migraine cure

lounging mermaid

Not much to post today because I've had a migraine most of the day. It's going away now because it finally started raining. Thank you, rain! (also: I took a lot of headache drugs.)

Anyway - maybe this mermaid is also post-migraine! Maybe she is smiling because her underwater headache finally dissipated! Maybe that's her mermaid bathrobe and she's just chilling on her mermaid couch which is made out of bubbles!

p.s. I attended a class on e-books today and the side effect is now I want an iPad mini.  It would be a nice companion to my old school keyboard kindle. Do I really need it? hell no. Do I want it anyway? YES I DO.

Wednesday, February 04, 2015

five things I saw today

La Mano

1. flirty baby in bespoke dinosaur sweatshirt. I was shelving a book and the baby was being walked around by his fingers by Fedora Dad - the baby caught my eye and gave me a tiny smile and it was adorable.

2. first pages of Ms. Marvel by G. Willow Wilson. So far I LOVE IT.

3. Confusing forms. Part of my job is compiling notes every week from our morning meeting. The notes are written into a blank form that has been evolving over the last few weeks. One of the latest is printed front and back and the days were profoundly out of order (like Tuesday on the back of Friday). CHAOS. but it all worked out.

4. SO MANY COMCAST PAGES. I'm trying to figure out a better deal. Because we've had service for so long, the bill is mondo expensive and it's not even THAT GOOD. But guess what happens when you try to see offers for existing customers? The website somehow can't find that page. It's bullshit is what it is. I wish I could resolve it with internet searches and the power of my mind, but I think I'm going to have to call someone. UGH.

5. This is not even from this month but I'm going to write it down anyway.  Around the time of the release of How to Train Your Dragon 2, I witnessed a little girl go to the reference desk and ask with great dignity about reference books on dragons, like where they live and what they eat and where do they lay their eggs and how do you train one and what do they like to do and it also needs to have lots of pictures... I loved how she snuck the training in there like it was a total side note when it was obviously her main concern! We didn't have a book checked in at the time which directly addressed all of these issues, but the librarian found her something to begin her research.