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Thursday, June 11, 2015

I just realized that the cute little white border I put on this picture is useless with my white background. Oh well. This is a hen and chick plant (sempervivum tectorum)  in bloom. It's awfully pretty, but the blooms are not actually a great sign  - the plant flowers before it DIES. I think that just means the individual hen, though. Anyway - these are in a pot and too crowded so that's probably the issue. Why not go out with a bang? They're beautiful. 

ANYWAY. In book news, I'm still reading The Sisters about the Mitfords. It has been Mitford city around here - talking about it at work (it's for book group AT work), looking up Mitford pics on the internet, etc. What are you reading? Oh! I've also been listening to the audiobook version of a Rivers of London book. I'm so far behind on my reading challenge for this year I'm forgoing podcasts and listening to books while I tend to the garden, etc. It's so easy to download them from the library! 

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