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Thursday, November 09, 2006
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I was going to make two lists, one good and one bad, but I'm still in a pretty good mood post-election, so I will accentuate the positive and eliminate the negative, at least for this post.

the Huzzahs:

1) The Senate, the House and no more Rumsfeld. This is several orders of magnitude better than anything else on the list, and that's the truth.

2) I finally added some things to my brand new etsy shop! I had these crazy stamped/colored domino magnets hanging around and wanted to make more, (because they are FUN), but didn't really feel like I could with two boxes full of mostly finished ones taking up space. Anyway. I'll be putting a link on the sidebar and adding more things soon.

3) it did not rain most of the day.

4) I remembered that I have Nyquil and will be taking it right after I eat. Sweet fake minty medicated oblivion! (but only after food. Feed a cold, right?)

5) the library levy passed! Hooray! Multnomah county has the busiest library system in the country, yet they still have time to be wonderful.
7 comments on "5 good things"
  1. Besides the esty thingy and Nyquil, I must say that I was "feeling" your list as I read it. I hope that this day brings some sunshine as well. I like it, and as I do work in a basement it is nice to walk outside and not feel like you are still in the basement. For real.

  2. My sister had this to say about elections: "Today is like the trifecta: the house, the senate and Rummy. Ahhhh . . . I think it’s a gin and tonic night tonight."

    What a great week to be "Kind of Blue"!

  3. bbd -- I hope it doesn't rain in your basement, because at least when you step outside it will feel different! (how are we going to get through the next 4 months? I need an attitude adjstment.)

    anonymous tara -- although I've never met her, I love your sister!

  4. Love all your dominos. Those deservedly consumed my attention, but then I do agree about the election. Saw a sign at the library today that the lib. levy passed 61% which is as it should be but considering all the school levies that went down and one lib. levy, also, we can be doubly glad that in this county folks read!

  5. Yay for your Etsy shop and all of the other things on your list too! I am still so excited about #1 and I think it's awesome that you have opened your shop!

  6. 4 months of this weather? I hope not...it makes me a bit cranky and I feel like I am always suffering from a case of the mean reds...

  7. Thanks you guys! "shop" seems a little bit ambitious for what it is, but that's what they call it... I do find it hilarious that I managed to finally get some stuff up, and then the site immediately closes for 2 days! I hope I didn't break it.

    Patty, I was so glad that the levy passed! It didn't really make the front page (or the inside pages, that I could find) of the paper because of all of the other VERY GOOD NEWS. I'm glad we're a reading county too -- it's certainly made life easier for me!

    Thanks Martina! Did you happen to see the opening of SNL last night? They had Nancy Pelosi, giving a speech to the nation in "san francisco democrat" mode. I think my favorite part was when her assistant, in full leatherman garb, came out to give her a message. hee hee.

    BBD, I get the mean reds too. I had forgotten about that phrase but it just about perfectly describes that rainy for too long feeling.


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