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Sunday, March 25, 2007
1. I was expecting an email from a friend, and found this from esteemed (by me, now) spammer Jacopo Henning instead. It is a thing of pure random beauty and I'm happy (this one time) that my spam filter missed it. An excerpt: "He is named Indefatigable and is the Area Commander. That is Floyd boom boomed out the Transport of Delight shuddered. Then began to roll Save the discussion. Explanations will be useful after we make sure Itchy foot, itchy foot, itchy foot itch!" Maybe he can find some relief for that itchy foot in the cornucopia of medication offered in the rest of his message, although if it changed his writing style I wouldn't risk it. I didn't even quote the part with the tuba and the pentagon! maybe he takes all those pills at once.

2. The hippies across the street have tied a pirate flag to the top of a sapling in their parking strip. They are not even remotely piratical. Nary a cutlass to be found between their teeth while they play hackeysack! I can only assume one of their numerous visitors did it. (I should note that the hippies keep to themselves, and for all I know it could be yo ho yo ho 24/7 inside or in the back yard.)

3. I am making a dress out of old curtains! I feel very Scarlet O'Hara, minus... well, everything except being female and making a dress out of curtains. I keep constructing things out of old window coverings, I know, but I've had some really great curtains. I am finally doing one of the Duro dresses of Dressaday fame.

Time for me to scamper off to the library to pull holds for the good people of Multnomah County. The days seem to be oddly themed -- one day it's all vampire erotica (well, not ALL, but a lot) and other days it's how to build a deck, negotiate landlord issues, unhappy fiction, or biographies... The work only requires a portion of my attention, so I'm free to string together these requests into little stories to amuse myself. (some days are more amusing than others!) It's fun, but it has been hell on my hold list. I am in an ongoing struggle to keep what I have checked out from the library under fifty items. More than that and they're impossible to keep up with.
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  1. I hope you had a great time at the Multnomah County Library! I need to drop off a few things today at my branch. I think I will be able to get through all of my dvd's before Wednesday, so that is happy news. No fines and, most importantly, no dirty looks from the fresh faced staff...

  2. I DID have a great time, strangely enough. It must have been because you wished it for me. (I am going to forward you a wishing list, okay?)

    I finally figured out a way to nab stuff I want while I'm doing my other work, so it was a very good day indeed. Ella Fitzgerald sings the Harold Arlen song book is now in my possession! Woo!

  3. Love the spammer prose--er, poetry?
    Fits the way my brain is working today. Thankfully, it went a long way to helping me fend off a terrible case of morosity. I need all the help I can get!

    I checked out the Duro dress. Very nice. So, what fabrics are you going with? Show and tell!

  4. Aw, Patty -- I'm sorry you're having a bout of morosity. I think that good old Jacopo is definitely working the prose poem. Do you want me to send him your email address?? ;-)

    I'll get some pictures later of the dress, either done or in construction. The main body of the dress will be an african fabric that's green with gold things on it (why don't they hire me to write their catalog??), and I think I'm just using one contrast which is a sort of purply brown with tiny little figures that look like stick-image birds (to me). It sounds dreadful, I know, but I think it looks pretty cool. We'll see if that's still true in a few hours.

    Right now I need to go WORK ON IT, since any semblance of being on the computer while I eat lunch is long over.

  5. I look forward to your wish wish list. I am glad you had a good time. I picked up 3 things from the library that I do not need but did manage to return 6 so that is progress. Wait, I picked up 5, but 2 were for nephew. A Thomas The Tank Engine dvd as well as a Muppet Show dvd with Diana Ross. How gay is that?

  6. Now that I've written my megapalooza, I can take some stuff back (hooray!) -- my problem is that I can't seem to leave without taking out MORE. Sometimes I can, but then I have a headache for an HOUR from the effort.

    That episode of the muppet show sounds fantastic. I'm trying to remember if I've ever seen it, but all I can think of is Ms. Ross and L'il Kim and the infamous boob bouncing moment, except in this version Kim is a muppet. It's very weird.

    I will start composing my list! I'll do it in chunks so it's not so long... hee hee.

    p.s. you know what is not a bad thing? Ella singing Get Happy!

  7. Ummm, much as I appreciated the spammer poetry, I will pass on your giving him my email address. ;-)

    Your fabrics sound very apt, actually, as I visualize them. Tis the season for a fresh new dress. Fun!

  8. I have found that Ella singing anything, anything at all, is well, you know, sublime. She had, and please forgive this..."IT". I think that I can deliver that Muppet thing next week, maybe Wednesday? Jake should be done with it and I have no interest in watching it. I hold no love for those felty racals. I know everyone else does but for some reason I just don't. Maybe I am too literal and I see hands in places that others don't?

  9. Okay, off point this is, but deal with it. I reserved Tristram Shandy from Library as it was Thomas and "Patty" Jeffersons' favorite book. The actual point is that I renewed all of my holdings and they most went through to the 17th, but Thomas the Tank Engine did not! Who the F would reserve that trash? I check it out if it is there, but it would not occur to me to, you know, want it in advance. It is not chocolate.

  10. Patty, I'm almost done with the dress -- I'll try to get a picture.

    BBD -- she definitley had IT, but I've been reading the little booklet that comes with the discs and she was so insecure! It blows my mind. She would completely nail a tricky song or whatnot and think it was the worst thing ever recorded and beg the band to let her try it again. It makes me so sad!

    As for Thomas the tank engine... I can only think that your attitude might be different if you were a 4 year old with a library card...

  11. Ugh. It makes me sad when I think about Ella's insecurity. I wish I could have known her for a moment and maybe I could have made a difference. Most likely not, but I like the thought. Thomas? It is simply trash, to me, and I did read at 3 so I do have a weird opinion about things. I was soooo smart and now I am a washed up genius. How typical.

  12. Hate to admit it, but I have never gotten into Ella. Billy, definitely, and Nina, but not Ella,though I know she is the singer's singer. I will give her a listen, again.

    Thinking about her feeling insecure--she was probably a perfectionist. A lot of really great performers don't lead with the huge ego. But could there have have been something about that period?

    Coincidentally, I recently checked out the Jefferson Bible. TJ put together his own version of The new Testament, with just the bits about the living Jesus. No supernatural events leading to his birth. No miracles. Just the simple story of his life and what he said and did.

  13. Nina Simone is, at most times, my favorite songstress. Her voice is just so, well, her, you know? I had no idea that TJ p.comut together his own version of the book. I should take a peek.

  14. Why hate to admit it, Patty? Despite recent feet-stamping evidence to the contrary, I don't actually expect the world to follow my tastes and dictates exactly, and think it would be kind of boring if it did. I grew up listening to Ella and she'll always be top shelf to me. I love Billie and Nina too, of course, but nobody said we could only pick one, right? I read somewhere that of all the jazz singers of that era, Ella was the most like a member of the band, and that if Ella sings it, it swings. I like that. I could go on and on. Maybe I'll save it for a blog post or something.

    From what I've been reading, it sounds like her insecurity went well beyond perfectionism and was often crippling. (to the point that the band would have to cajole her on stage night after sold-out night because she just couldn't believe that anyone wanted to hear her sing.)

    As for Thomas Jefferson.... hey, BBD, would you watch Thomas Jefferson the Tank Engine? My problem with TJ is always slavery. How he could be such a forward thinking genius on so many things and still hold slaves is beyond my ken. I should probably read a biography or something.

  15. The fact that TJ owned people and did, most likely, create new slaves with women...and then did not emancipate the woman...he did emancipate the children after his death, which does support the idea that they were his biological children...when I was watching the documentary, with Sam Waterston doing the TJ voice, I had to try to remember that I have no idea what it was to be alive then. But the fact that he is so beloved and all of that just icks me a little. Even the historians that were interviewed, and I mean the pale ones, were of the opinion that he never would have fornicated with his slaves, it was beneath him, somehow. Not the owning, just the fornicating...the other historian, that isn't so pale, had a different opinion that I agreed with. Why is it impossible to believe the rape part when he OWNED people? Ugh. It is sticky and tricky and it is just so awful.

  16. About Ella: Yes! Do do a blog post about her. You have already told me more than I knew...Would love to read more.

    About Jefferson: A man of contradictions, obviously. With all his great genius, he was not above what less wiser men get up to. I've not seen the documentary--would love to--but apparently they prettied up the facts for general consumption. Thought I read that evidence has proved he DID indeed fornicate with one of his slaves, so why continue to conceal that?

  17. They were unable to prove 100% that TJ fathered children as there were like 5 or 6 men with the dna markers around at the time, like nephews and such. But, I think most people are fairly certain that TJ most definitely was involved with Sally Hemmings, his child slave, and indeed had children.


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