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Thursday, March 15, 2007
what a bargain

+++ I watched and enjoyed The Riches Monday night. It has Eddie Izzard and Minnie Driver, both of whom I find interesting, and I love that even though it's a crime show (I have crime show fatigue), they seem to be taking a fresh approach. It doesn't hurt that I adore Eddie Izzard, the Irish Traveller angle, and the idea of a suburban long con. (I love a good con story, which is why I also like Hustle.) Anyway... so far (one episode), so good.

+++ note to the woodpecker outside my window: it wasn't wood yesterday, and it's not wood today. Your optimism is alternately cheering and pathetic.

+++ I got a summons for jury duty! For some special panel circuit court thingy. I've never been on a jury, so that could be interesting. I'm really in the mood to DISPENSE SOME JUSTICE... which shouldn't be a problem as long as I remember not to say that out loud while punching my fist into my palm during jury selection. (so much to remember!)

+++ This article on retrocausality alternately thrills and horrifies me. (I am full of contradictory feelings lately.) I may never sleep again worrying about it. THANKS, SCIENCE!

+++ When thoughts of retrocausality are stressing me out, I should just remember the sheer lunatic brilliance of Charlie Murphy's True Hollywood Stories from the Chappelle Show season 2. I haven't laughed that hard in a long time. Big thanks to BBD who loaned the DVD to me, and to Leslie for recommending it a long time ago! (I watched Chappelle's Show sporadically, and somehow missed these when they aired.) The idea of Prince playing basketball in full Purple Rain regalia is one I will treasure ALWAYS.

+++ I am intrigued by Jonathan Lethem's Promiscuous Materials page. I love that he is putting his money where his mouth is after that fascinating Harper's essay, The Ecstasy of Influence. (In case you are too time pressed or insuffuciently interested to click the link, the gist is he's offering various of his short stories to filmmakers and dramatists for ONE DOLLAR with a few restrictions. Pretty damn cool.)

+++I have been thinking about reading lately. I was working on writing up some Meg Cabot books, and it made me think about how my taste in books has changed over the course of my life so far (developed is probably a more accurate word than changed because I see it as more of a natural progression than some sort of river jumping course correction), which reminded me how much I hate the phrase "light reading," even though I know it is a sometimes necessary distinction. It's a cheap way to distance the reader from the material, which I don't like. (not that I think a person has to love every single thing they read, but this "light reading" phrase -- if there are air quotes I hate it more -- is reminding me of "guilty pleasure," which I don't like either. Own it, bitches! Come on... can't we all put a lampshade on the head of our inner puritan/snob? Life's too short. ) Anyway... I didn't really reach any conclusions, which is fine because I get 100% guilt-free pleasure from just considering it. Fair warning: I'll probably be blathering on more about this when I get to the Meg Cabot thing, which should be soon.
8 comments on "all this and cheap sod"
  1. I have yet to watch The Riches but I do have it on tape to watch this weekend. I love that you love Chappelle's Show so much! I still say the bit with Brenda "Keeping it Real" is awesome...

  2. There are so many great parts (Wayne Brady was an incredibly good sport), but man, those Charlie Murphy bits were BRILLIANT!

  3. Re: "light reading": Oh, for lord's sake, we can read up read down and read in the middle. But don't oh please brer bear, please please don't take away my air quotes.

  4. I think that for the most part I find nothing to complain about regarding Chappelle's show. Season 1 also had some amazing parts. The reparations "sketch"...genius.

  5. Patty, I never suggested that you, me or whoever shouldn't/couldn't read exactly what they want! that's my point. My further point is that they should do it without feeling like they need a book cover that says "my other book is a National Book Award Winner" or something. (I acknowledge that I really don't have the authority to dictate how other people feel -- it just seems like such a waste of energy.) Speaking of wastes of energy...

    I know you're goading me, but I can't help myself. Air quotes are also "lazy" and make me come over with an "almost" berserker rage where it is all I can do to not twist the offending "fingers" off. I am fun at parties, let me tell you!

    BBD -- I am with you regarding Chappelle! I'm sorry he's not doing his show any more, but I respect that when he'd had enough he stopped.
    as for "sketches" ... why do you have to be so mean? It's not like I'm going around saying Moist and Mayonnaise just to annoy YOU.

  6. Mayonnaise is not one of my hated words. I just don't understand it as a food thingy is all. Moist, damp, blouse, slacks, panties and ointment are a few of the words that make me crazy and I know that there are more, I just can't think of them at the present time. To early yet for my brains to be fully functional.

  7. D'oh! Mayonnaise misalignment. That's what I get for replying in a humorless pissy mood. I am right there with you on slacks and blouse (except for when Prince says it!), but I think ointment has a certain jaunty flair...

  8. The word ointment says it all. Some cream substance ickiness that must be applied to regions that aren't so easy to do on your own. Just gross...


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