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Tuesday, March 06, 2007
crocus in the driveway

Today was lovely -- I took the crocus picture this morning by the driveway.

I finished the quilt! I wanted to have it done by today because I found a receipt for the batting dated 3/6/06. It seems like so long but also no time at all. I tried to get pictures, but I was foiled by cats at every turn. So, this cat-filled not-smooth picture will have to do for now. I realized when I was sewing the binding on that this is the first quilt I've finished for myself. I've finished others (and started even MORE), but all for other people.


In other news, a 3 year old pirate tried to murder me three times at the park today (he was brandishing a twig with an adorably shy attempt at piratical menace), and a gaggle of 4 year olds was overcome by the Spirit of Spring; they ran away from their minders as a group and whipped off their shirts while cackling maniacally (or in some cases just pulling it over their heads and leaving it there, because honestly they weren't very coordinated). That's what sunlight will do to you when you are deprived for too long! (I believe they were all eventually retrieved and re-clothed.)
6 comments on "under the wire"
  1. Your quilt looks divine. Congrats and all that...you are a wonder, wonder woman,

  2. Wow! Love the croci. Amazing color!

    And ditto from me as per baby boy d's comment on your quilt.

    Love your boys, too, honouring the quilt with their presence. Noblesse oblige.

  3. It is such a nice quilt on film but in person is even better. I should also ask to please let RW know that my H. Kitties are now on the icebox...they look so happy.

  4. Oh, pirates!

    I cannot believe how big the orange menace has gotten!

  5. I just can't get over that marmalade baby. I had no idea he would eventually look like that. Thank you for bringing the quilt for a live look. It is amazing. It is going to brighten your life. And of course that of the two princes.

  6. Thanks everybody! I am glad it turned out because I am Done Quilting for a while. Unless I change my mind, of course.

    (and I agree -- Dash aka the Orange Menace aka Chester Cheeto has grown SO MUCH. I fully expect that he will be ready to eat tokyo by summer.)


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