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Thursday, September 29, 2005
I am going to replace my hard drive tomorrow. (later today, I guess if you want to get technical about it) Wish me luck! I am kind of nervous, but I think I can do it. I hope I don't electrocute myself or fry my computer. But, I have found excellent detailed directions here, I just bought a set of appropriate screwdrivers and a new hard drive, so I should be set. I just need more power under the keyboard so I am not always having to shift things off in order to keep things running smoothly.

Anyway - the title to this post comes from the "iPod reads minds" file and the wonderful song "Epitaph for my Heart" by the Magnetic Fields from the magnificent 69 Love Songs. If it has been a while since you listened to it, you should get it out today!
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  1. How did it go? Did you get it all put back together?

  2. I got it put back together and it is much zipper! BUT... (of course there is a but), I got too ambitious and stayed up too late trying to get my info back from my backup onto the new drive and I think I have profoundly frelled something up (possibly my firewire port) because now the computer will not recognize the external drive. So. I barely slept last night because it was hot, rainy, and my brain was FRIED and would not calm down and I have none of my files!

    I am up and tryiing to get stuff done before company gets here, and trying to be all rational in the day since I was completely irrational at dark o'clock this morning. I think my data is probably still OK, but I am not nerd enough to retrieve it and will probably have to pay a more ept nerd to do it, which sort of negates the cost savings of gutting the machine myself! Live and learn. I keep hoping that some happy combination of key mashing will make it work, but so far no success. It is cleaner, I will say that. Taking it apart revealed... well, it wasn't pretty. In the mean time, I am like a visitor on my own computer. I don't want to install too much because I am living in hope I will be able to get my own bookmarks and, you know, FILES back. I have a backup from before this one, but it was well before.
    I have finally achieved my goal of becoming a cautionary tale, but I always hoped it would be for something more interesting than data management.

  3. Welcome to the world of the cautionary tale! At least yours is a high tech one. I was part of a cautionary tale about the girl who didn't pay attention in archery class to the part where the teacher says "Keep your arm bent!" Who'd have thought being thwacked with a bow string would be so painful (or deep bruise inducing)? I learned from friend with younger siblings that 4 years later, that particular gym teacher still began the archery lessons with a tale about my short lived adventures in archery, thus cementing me as an athletic klutz for posterity.

  4. hee hee hee. I took archery at summer camp because I was in a major Robin-Hood mode at the time. It is hard! I wasn't any good at it, but it was fun anyway. If it is any consolation, tales of your exploits had not yet reached Florida by the early 80's.

  5. SCARY stuff! You are very brave and super smart I see! I'm glad it all worked out! I just wanted to add that I've been listening to Magnetic Fields to wake up every morning since they are monopolizing my "songs to bond with" playlist.

  6. Oh, yay! Have you bonded with any of them yet? anything that stands out in your mind? (if not, I understand - 69 songs are a lot!)

  7. Why yes, in fact four have floated to the top so far. But I should mention first that there are some songs I have not even heard yet so this list is early and should not be considered extensive!

    1) Absolutely Cuckoo (of course)
    2) All my little words (it's super sad but soo good at it and I love the music too - very singable!)
    3) The luckiest guy on the lower east side (So sweet!)
    4) Promises of Eternity (also very forlorn but I love the music especially that one part where the music seems to get slower than it should and extra dramatic and not exactly match up to the lyrics before it all syncs like magic. I'm sure there's a term for that in music but I don't know it)

  8. oh, hooray! I like all of your picks and a bunch more. There was a period where I could *not* stop putting The Luckiest Guy on the Lower East Side on every mix CD I made. "and you want to go for a riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiide"

    ( also Reno Dakota, because that is CRAZY CATCHY).

    I really like Love is Like a Bottle of Gin a lot, and the Death of Ferdinand de Saussure. And many many more, but I don't want to overwhelm you with long lists of my faves when you are just discovering your favorites. So, I will just tell you that there are probably 20 more that I *really* love, lots more that I like, some that are ok, and about 5 that I don't really care for.

  9. Yes, Love is Like Jazz has earned the one-star raspberry and Punk Love has two and actually...I hope our friendship survives this but I noticed I have also given Reno Dakota two stars!!! I like the lyrics but I think the two string plucking makes me irate.
    But I like Kiss me Like you Mean it - it is shocking and fun!

  10. Aw, man! Reno Dakota is awesome! I will allow (aren't I generous?) that if one was not in the mood it could go wonky on you - but it is GREAT on a road mix - I promise! Do you have a "give it another chance" rating? It is a good sing-along-to song. I actually loaded all of these back up on my computer now that I have more room so I can listen and refresh my memory.

    I hate Love is Like Jazz, so we are as one on that. I think I've heard all of it once and since then I dive for the remote or the delete button.

    true confession: I know a lot of people think Papa was a Rodeo is the shit, but I don't really like it.
    true confession #2: I am such a sap - but I loooove Nothing Matters When We're Dancing. it is so plinky and sentimental, but I don't care. In fact, that may be why I like it.

  11. There's nothing wrong with loving "Nothing Matters When We're Dancing". It is one of my favorites of theirs. I've always thought it had interesting musical layers (even the "dragging" parts). Besides, I think it's charming and sweet.

    Now I'm trying to think of all my favorite Magnetic Fields songs. I think I probably have a couple dozen too. I think I'd have to include 3 of Leslie's 4. I'm not sure about "Promises of Eternity". It must be on the one volume I tend to shun (though I'm coming around about that after discover a previously unnoticed song that I really like).

  12. Well - you don't have to think of ALL of your favorites, but what are 3 favorites - not even your top three - just three you really like? I figure if we do it in little bits, Leslita won't become overwhelmed with all of our unasked for opinions, but we can still talk about the songs! Yay, songs!

    another favorite of mine: The Book of Love. Also Busby Berkley Dreams (I heard this while I was in the shower when we were trying to think up a name for the kitten who became Busby the cat. it wasn't *solely* because of the song, but in combo with watching a documentary on Busby Berkley, but still. it was the trigger)

  13. Hmmm you've named most of my favorites, but I'll make a list right now just off the top of my head:

    1) Book of Love
    2) I think I need a new heart
    3) Nothing Matters When We're Dancing
    4) Can't think of the name, but the "Before you left your garrison..." song
    5) Queen of the Savages
    6) Sentimental Melody (I'm making up names now, but I know which song I mean)
    7) There'll be time enough for rocking when we're old
    8) I Die (from "i"...or are only "69 Love Songs" allowed?)
    9) Ferdinand de Saussure
    10) All my Little Words
    11) Absolutely Cuckoo
    12) The King of the Boudoir

    There are more, but that's all for now

  14. #4 - The Night You Can't Remember (I love that one too! any song that namechecks rockettes is all right by me)

    #5 - Me too! of course I like all the others you list as well, so maybe that's no surprise.

    #6 - well, your made up name is close enough to the actual name (My Sentimental Melody) that I think I've cracked your fiendish code!

    #8 - I like this one too, but since we are talking about 69 Love Songs it will have to go on a new list (or possibly in parentheticals since I really like the Operetta song and the evil twin song from "I" and I just remembered that right now. I wonder if there are enough evil twin songs in the world to make a mix? I can only think of 2)

    #12 - I like this one a lot, but I don't think it is a LOVE for me. It is super clever, but it may be a little too arch for the layer of songs that go right around my heart. Even Queen of the Savages (which some could argue is a little remote and strange) works for me because the narrator is completely befuddled and pole-axed by his unexpected love for the queen. But maybe I'm over thinking, because one kiss from me, you will be overcome and overwrought.... for we are the king of the boudoir old thing/ and the king doesn't like to wait IS pretty funny...


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