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Tuesday, September 06, 2005
* I may change blogger templates because as much as I love this one, I would like to be able to use the search feature in the blogger bar to make it easy on me when I can't remember when I wrote something (aka -ALL THE TIME)

* spray paint is the devil. It makes you think it will be less work, but it rarely is. My lungs are probably burgundy now. My hands certainly are.

* Leslita is blogging directly from her China vacation! Read it!

*Martina has compiled an interesting book survey-thingy over at Powellhurst. I'm going to do it as soon as I finish my epic Rock Show post (I have to edit it down to merely saga-sized. Does anyone need to know that I thought I was stepping on somebody when I had actually just stepped on the carpet? No, they do not.)

*I can't do that until I finish this bookshelf project. I am so close to being done, but so tired of doing it. This is a familiar place for me, as I am sure everyone will be shocked to read.
2 comments on "this and that (really random)"
  1. You made me do it! I broke Powellhurst (I think) it seems to be down anyway. AAAAAAAAAAA

  2. I know! I think the quiz was way too long for the comments section (or maybe it was something else). When p'hurst comes back up I'll just link to my quiz. I hope it's an easy fix (like deleting the comment, or pushing a button, or sending an email to blogger and having them fix it automagically).


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