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Tuesday, September 27, 2005
by Susan Elizabeth Phillips #33

I read this because Jennifer Cruise was recently talking about SEP in her blog, and I had random good feelings about the author. Plus, she has a reputation for being able to write comedy, and I like comedy. BUT...
When reading romance novels a person generally starts with a certain suspension of disbelief. If one is literal-minded and constantly calculating the odds of what is presented on the page actually happening, romance (along with lots of other genres) probably isn't on one's reading list anyway. This one crossed the improbability line so many times it even made me (and I swear except for the redolent thing I am really forgiving) say 'oh good lord' at least once.
Pros: funny; likable secondary characters; mostly likable primary characters; distinct sense of place.
Cons: convoluted plot to throw them together (even within the genre this was a humdinger involving Henry VIII lookalikes, English school marms, tattoos, television hosts, professional golfers who claim they are gigolos, the PGA, etc.); and GOLF. I find golf one of the most boring things in the world, and would have forgiven, nay, embraced, a clown-car full of Henry VII lookalikes if it meant less golf.
This book was good enough for me to search out for some of her others, but it wasn't the sexy funny romp I was expecting - it TOTALLY fell apart in the last third. Characters who must have had a book of their own about a decade ago swooped in and took over (despite attempts to weave them in throughout - I didn't know who they were, nor did I really care) I didn't mind when they were just background, but when they became necessary for the denouement I was not thrilled. Oh yeah! That's another reason why the last 1/3 sucked - the sudden switch from funny farce to "Let's resolve the hero's Secret Pain and feelings about being abandoned by his father." I'm thinking - let's not! Romance is big with trends, maybe this came out during the amateur psychology phase.
That sounds all negative, and I don't feel all negative about this book. Just too much golf and Dr. Phil-style psychology for me, is all.
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