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a return and an exit

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Monday, October 19, 2015
lights for the long nights

I told myself I had to either write emails or make a blog post, so HERE I AM. Sorry all emailers!

recent things:

I quit Comcast! Not one reason in particular - but I think it could be reduced correctly to, as a long-term customer, too much $$ and not enough service. The Internet led me to believe that this would be a torturous phone call where I would almost certainly have to yell or cry, but I didn't. The guy I talked to was nice and tried to talk me out of it (and I let him try for a little while - why not?) but was not a jerk when I stuck to my guns. Likewise returning equipment at the Comcast office was easy. IN FACT, by not being the total garbage monsters I feared,  it's possible I would consider doing business with them in the future. Anyway. I know it sounds dumb to say this was hard, but this was hard. I had to change email addresses on a million things (I had comcast mail before gmail ever existed), etc. but I think it's mostly done now. Whew!


What else has been going on? Everything and nothing like always. I'm still happily working for the library. Like anywhere, there are people and situations that make me think I'm losing my mind, but for the 99% most part, I love it.

Something else I love - this APP that makes double exposures of your pictures. IT'S SO FUN. I have a million of these and it's all I can do to not post them all. For .99 you can get the watermark to go away, but you can use it for free with some ads. (This photos is yellow raspberries + some giant tree in the forest+ a koolaid color scheme and it makes me giddy in a very specific way.) It will combine randomly or you can compose your exposures. I like the randomness factor, but I think you can have fun with it however you like.

TIME FOR BED. I'm reading a book that I want to get back to: Bellwether by Connie Willis. It was written in the 90s and the main character  (Sandy Foster) studies fads. So interesting! The guy (Bennett O'Reilly) whom the author goes to great lengths to describe as having no style at all in his too short corduroys, canvas sneakers, and wildly patterned shirts (compared to the nikes+ bomber jacket + jeans of the "cool guys") would be unquestionably fashionable in 2015 Portland Oregon. Fickle fashion!