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Wednesday, December 28, 2005
Christmas is over! I didn't play Clue, but I did learn how to play Texas hold 'em poker. Kind of. Weird Cousin B.* taught us. It was a more successful lesson than the time Martina, Bec, and I tried to teach ourselves. (upshot from that lesson: visors do not in themselves lend any poker know-how, and they will, in fact, give you worse hat hair than a regular hat).

I am still sick. Or almost sick, which is more irritating. I thought I was over it, but this morning has demonstrated otherwise. At least when you're sick you can lay on the couch and moan and dramatically throw tissues around and watch movies all day. If you're not quite sick, there's just the tiredness and the slow-brain which maybe makes you forget to take drugs so you feel even worse (but still not quite sick enough for the couch and Jane Austen or Gosford Park).

Here's a little something that should cheer up even the most hard-hearted or almost-sickly persons: This ~You Are Beautiful instillation is lovely. Just click on the pictures to bring up the next one.

* she's weird in only the best ways and is one of my favorite relatives.
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  1. You know, I can't think about that time we tried to teach ourselves poker out of a book without thinking of the look on your dad's face when he opened your bedroom door to find the three of us sitting there with our visors and carrot cigars. It makes me laugh every time!


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