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Saturday, December 17, 2005

This is what Multnomah Falls looked like last weekend - so cold! The weather has been crazy here this past week - cold, clear, and so windy. Like hang on to that lamppost windy. This is all fine, because there is no moisture, so no ice. Well, obviously there is moisture at a waterfall, but there hasn't been any in town... see? This is why I am not a meteorologist. (The clear skies in combination with the full moon is about to do me in - it shines in right into my eyeballs at night. I may have to move the bed or start wearing one of those crazy satin masks, or possibly re-orient the house.)
2 comments on "frozen falls"
  1. I get what you mean by "hang onto the lamppost windy". You know the Gorge broke my car door once, don't you? When I was still driving the Saturn we went up to Crown Point one afternoon. The wind was blowing so hard that it blew the door out of my hand and snapped it back so far it damaged the hinge. After that the door never did close properly again (and still doesn't).

  2. Holy Crap! It broke your door?!? Have you made peace with the gorge since then? I think I would be holding a bit of a grudge, unless you are reaping some boon from your sacrifice!

    Speaking of dumb things I have said, "no moisture yet" is certainly one of them. I note this as I look out my window at the sleet covered with snow covered with freezing rain. I guess Mother Nature didn't want to leave anyone out. Oh! And the wind is still here!! (but that full moon problem has been dealt by all the clouds). I know they would be laughing their asses off at us in places that have real winter weather - but ice is *slippery*. I hope that they cancel your work Monday so you don't have to try to drive all that way on potentially slippery roads.


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