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Friday, December 09, 2005
The OC: Woo Hoo! They seem to have fixed what was wrong, and I now look forward to each new episode. What was wrong with it? All of season 2.* Prime example: making Ryan into a sunny, anti-broody non-puncher. What was up with that? Lesson for season 3: he can be smart AND still get in pointless fist fights at least every third episode. And it looks like the return of the society party next week. Excellent opportunity for misunderstandings, AND Ryan is due to deliver a punching! He's not even my favorite character, but I think the whole thing hinges on him.

Seriously though (if you can say that about the OC), what I like about the show is that all of the main characters are essentially decent people - even Julie Cooper (in her way). I also like how they deal with all of these things that you expect, but then twist them up a little bit. I don't know that it will ever go back to the giddy heights of season 1 (that season had everything!), but I am enjoying it again which is more than I can say for season 2.

*except I must confess that I liked Zach. I liked that he was a huge comic book nerd AND a water polo player - it kept Seth off balance. And I liked that when Sandy went to bring Seth home from Portland the show made attempts to simulate a Portland environment even though sunburnt California mountains were visible beyond the potted shrubberies.

House: I like it despite the fact that there is a certain, shall we say... sameness to every episode. It's not nearly as formulaic as it was at the beginning. Hugh Laurie can be cranky like nobody's business, and I LOVE Robert Sean Leonard as Dr. Wilson. He's just as big a jackhole, but a more personable one. A stealth jackhole.

Bones: Angel's on TV! That's all I can really say. I also like the Angela character's clothes most of the time. Other than that, I like it because it is the cheeseball version of all of those forensic shows. It is totally CSI Relic Hunter-style transplanted to Washington DC and the "Jeffersonian." For people who want it more realistic, I ask you, are there not 300,000 program hours devoted to extremely detailed and gross forensic science already? I know at least one fan of the books who is not impressed, but since I didn't read the books and DID watch Angel, I'm OK with all of it.

Next time: Veronica Mars and Gilmore Girls - Two great shows that are both dealing with a lot of really interesting class issues.
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