The Rabbi's Cat

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Sunday, December 11, 2005

by Joann Sofar #42
This is such a lovely book! It is set in the 30's or so in a Jewish town in Algeria (with a side-trip to Paris). The cat of the story belongs to a widowed Rabbi and lives with the rabbi and his daughter. The Rabbi's Cat, well - he causes some problems and solves some problems- although on balance he probably causes more problems. But he is a very charming and aware problem-causer (like most cats).

There are many philosophical rambles in the book too, but I found them interesting and not tedious at all. The story is all pretty well contained in this one collection, although I would certainly be glad to read more of this cat's adventures. I am sure he had many.
2 comments on "The Rabbi's Cat"
  1. How did you ever find out about this book? It looks like it has some great illustrations. The cat reminds me of Molly before she got beefy. She still cultivates the same generally annoyed look, though.

  2. Hee! I think he captures cat attitudes pretty perfectly all around. I first heard of it on a blog or a website (so helpful, I know) - it was one of those things where I thought "hey, that looks good" so I went and put it on hold at the library.


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