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Wednesday, December 28, 2005
by Deborah Grabien #43

I don't think I am going to hit 50 books after all. I am behind on marking them down, but not 7 behind. Oh well - I didn't start until February, and 2006 is another year. Back to business - This book is the third in the Haunted Ballad Series. I enjoyed it very much - it raised the stakes of the first two books and gave enough of a twist on the existing premise so it wasn't getting into Murder, She Wrote territory (oh, look - here comes Jessica Fletcher and the trail of her dead) I mean, this still has Ringan (I picture Ewan McGregor, which is never a painful exercise), and Penny, still has the framework of the traditional folk song and a haunting...but it is different. Just read it and see. I am crying that I was able to renew this from the library more than once. There should be a long queue to check these out! I definitely think the series should come out in paperback, and maybe with a little guide to some good versions of the songs mentioned in the books. On the bizarro planet/alternate universe where I am the supreme benevolent dictator, you may assume that it is so.
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