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Tuesday, December 13, 2005
Fluxblog has posted about the NYC Fiona concert experience (go read it!), so I thought since the NYC show was the last one of this mini-tour, and the Portland show was the first I had better get to it.

I should start by saying it was a GREAT show. She hasn't been on tour in 5 years, but other than some endearing nervousness (which it sounds like she still has) you couldn't tell. Her opening act was David Garza, who only played about 5 songs. He was interesting - a very good guitar player and sang with a lot of vibrato. I think there are some mp3's on his website.

It was such a good show - it still feels good three weeks later! And not the kind of good where you're loving it at the venue and you get home and go "enh." I mean, she was obviously really nervous - but it seemed honest. My favorite example of this was at the end when she sketched out a little wave before any encores, and then came back right away saying "that was so bullshit. I knew I was coming right back out!" Another thing I loved about the show (besides that she played NINETEEN amazing songs!) was that the crowd was so glad to see her. There was lots of "We Love You, Fiona!" and "Welcome back!" and "You're doing a Good Job!" What I loved less were the people who had to sing along to Every Damn Song. I know, I know - you love Fiona, you missed Fiona, but this is not your car OR karaoke.

Even though I bitched about how much it cost, it was totally worth it. Especially since it looks like she'll be opening for Coldplay in 2006, which means at least 3 things: 1) more expensive tix, 2) she won't be able to play 19 songs, 3) Coldplay. (I'm not an extreme hater, but that "I will fix you" song makes me want to fix someone upside the head with a lead pipe. I'll fix you, alright.)

Here is the PDX setlist (it would make a great Fiona-sampler playlist or mix CD), which I copied from someone on the Fiona message board. According to the list on Fluxblog, she did the same set in NYC:

Get Him Back (Fiona at piano)
Better Version of Me (piano)
Shadowboxer (piano)
To Your Love (piano)
I Know (standing at microphone)
Sleep to Dream (standing)
Limp (standing)
Paper Bag (standing)
Tymps (standing)
Oh Well (piano)
On The Bound (piano)
Red, Red, Red (standing)
Not About Love (piano)
O'Sailor (piano)
Get Gone (piano)
Fast As You Can (standing)
Extraordinary Machine
Criminal (standing)
Parting Gift (at piano, alone on stage)
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