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Tuesday, June 06, 2006
I'm the first to admit that lately it's been all wah wah obsess obsess worry worry obsess/worry STRESS cakes here at law of sympathy. (In my head, anyway -- I'm sure it's spilling out all over) HOWEVER, I am happy to report that things seem to be (agonizingly, slowly, but still) turning themselves around. I decided that I could help this process along by making myself a huge long playlist for my ipod of songs that make me happy. BRILLIANT. Possibly my best idea ever!! (certainly better than most.) Everyone should do it -- even if you don't have an ipod -- make a tape or a CD or whatever you have to do! This is about my third day with it, and it seems to be WORKING (although I can't discount the fact that the sun has been shining. that helps too). Since I love lists and blabbing about songs, here's a random sampling of 10 (out of almost 200):

1) Malediction -- Stephen Malkmus. Okay, okay -- malediction means CURSE. Way to kick off the happy fun times! But this has some fat and jolly wah wah's at the front. AND!! The first line is "So long, good bye to the nervous apprehension/ I certainly won't miss ya/ my heart is unable to stay so unstable, no more."
Reason #2 this is a great song on a happy list when you're considering major life changes -- "The road to rejection is better than no road at all". Of course there are some strings toward the end of the song which is just like frosting on a cupcake to me. (hint: DELICIOUS)

2) Golden Years -- David Bowie. I have shameless love for this song. Is it the finger snaps/hand claps? the wopwopwops? I don't know, but it gives me a little happy thrill every time I hear it. "Don't let me hear you say that life's taking you nowhere, aaaaangel"

3) Alright -- Supergrass. So jaunty and brit-poppy (and happy). They describe any number of disasters, but it all ends with "but we're alright!

4) Little Ghost -- The White Stripes. Okay, any song that says "the first moment that I met her/ I did not expect a specter" is going to be loved by me by virtue of those lines alone. But when you add in the whole loopy story of this ghost/human love connection... well, it's irresistible. Plus it has one of those great Jack White enigmatic pronouncements "no one else could see this apparition/ but because of my condition..." WHAT CONDITION???

5) Keep Fishin' -- Weezer. This one had the video with MUPPETS. And this isn't why I put it on the list, but I find it's interesting that these lyrics are here: "You'll never do/ The things you want/ If you don't move/ and get a job" HA!!

6) Oh! -- Sleater- Kinney. ooh, this one is so fun to sing along with! "the way I feel when you call my name (oh oh oh, oh oh oh)/ makes me go crazy to sane (oh oh oh, oh oh oh)"

7) Genius of Love -- Tom Tom Club. I just talked about this one not that long ago, so I'll only say IT STILL WORKS!

8) Foxy Lady -- Jimi Hendrix. This one makes me LAUGH because I snuck it on a mix for my sister once. I told her I put a "special" song on there for her and she'd know it when she heard it. And she did! I know it has a long and storied history outside of movies made from SNL sketches, but what makes me particularly happy to hear this is imagining Garth doing his Foxy Lady dance before he asked the donut girl out. (from the cinematic masterpiece Wayne's World)

9) Evil and a Heathen -- Franz Ferdinand. hee hee! Another seemingly inappropriate song for a happy list -- but today IS 6/6/6 AND this song has such a strong drum beat that it will pound out any bad moodiness. Plus, who doesn't like gleefully singing "I'm evil like you!"?

10) Friday I'm In Love -- The Cure. this song is a happy maker on so many levels! First of all, there is a LIST (days of the week), secondly, it's just great and that's that. "I can never get enough/ enough of this stuff!"

hmmm. those are all pretty rocking. Next ten I'll try to pick some that don't make the rear-view mirror shake.
11 comments on "ten from the happy list"
  1. #8 makes me laugh, because of what you put on my phone. It doesn't show up all the time, but I did catch a brief glimpse of it yesterday.

  2. ha ha ha! I didn't even remember that when I chose this one for the list, but it makes me doubly glad I did! hee. I'm sorry it doesn't show up all the time! What's up with that? What does Verizon have against Fox(x)y Lady???

  3. I recall my son calling and my telling him I was loving Wayne's World. Silence.
    But I can't remember the jimi hendrix. I will have to see that again! Dang!
    You do love lists. And obviously we love your lists.

  4. well, if it were Wayne's World 2, I could understand the silence, but the first one is fun!

  5. nothin's gonna touch you in these GOLDEN YEARS!!!
    (run from the shadows in these golden years)

  6. Is it running from the shadows or for the shadows? I don't suppose it makes that much difference since it looks like there's running involved either way!

    This song has set me off on a Bowie-jag, which is never a bad thing.

  7. I was so jealous of you having such a huge happy playlist and then I checked my own - 158 songs! I am lucky too!
    Although the only one we share is Friday I'm in Love. (But only because I don't have the other songs!)

  8. 158 is wonderful! Now I'm curious what's on other people's "this makes me feel better" playlists. I just added a bunch of stuff and deleted a couple that I like, but they don't make me happy so off they go back into the general population of the ipod library. I love that it's such a flexible format!

  9. Oops - I was looking at the wrong playlist. My Happy list has 86 songs on it - still good! The playlist with 158 songs is called Jen and it contains all the music you have ever given me! Some of which I'm sure belong on the happy playlist, but I haven't bonded with them far enough to tag them as such. A selection of my happy songs (since you were curious):

    If you want to sing out, sing out - Cat Stevens
    Hey Deanie - Shaun Cassidy
    Top of the World - The Carpenters
    Let Your Love Flow - Bellamy Brothers
    Jo the Waiter - Gary Numan
    C is for Cookie - Cookie Monster

  10. Hey Deanie! I had the LP with that on it. Actually, I think both of my old Shawn Cassidy records are out in a box in the garage. A random sampling from my happy list is:
    1) Sister Kate (The Ditty Bops)
    2) Wooden Heart (Elvis)
    3) Fool in Love (Tina Turner)
    4) Lilly (Pink Martini)
    5) The Mariner's Revenge Song (The Decembrists)
    6) Coin Operated Boy (Dresden Dolls)
    7) Lies (Violent Femmes)
    8) Queen of the Savages (Magnetic Fields)
    9) Nongqongqo (Miriam Makeba)
    10) Sweet Pea (Tommy Roe)

  11. C is for Cookie!! Sweet Pea!! I can see that I will be needing to add more to my list. excellent...

    oooh, what was that song Bec had by TMBG about the long-haired hippie kitten? That should go on the list too.


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