When the Messenger is Hot

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Friday, June 16, 2006
by Elizabeth Crane #16

I love short stories. They are compact little worlds of words that often seem to take more risks than longer fiction. If one's not working out, just read a little further and it will either redeem itself or be over! Unfortunately, there is a downside: that bittersweet moment while reading one you really love and thinking "I only have 3 more pages!" There are worse reading problems to have.

Read these stories. Not all of them worked for me (I found certain specific traits of the various main characters to be distractingly similar), but many of them did. One acted as a giant magnifying glass on an aspect of myself that I thought I had safely secured under a rock and was thereby free to ignore. That's no small feat (it was a heavy rock)! I'm not saying that everyone will get the magnifying glass, and I'm certainly not saying it would be for the same story... but I think you should read them for yourself and find out. Remember -- they're SHORT! Read one, read ten, read them all.
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