instructions for a non-manic monday

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Monday, June 26, 2006
What would Prince do? This is my new favorite question!

be funky (don't try, just be)

listen to the groove, y'all. let it unwind your mind

think purple. no, more purple than that. PURPLE!

embrace inner paisley enigma

talk so sexy

be more fluid in interpretations of the sacred and profane

Get that Ph.D in Advanced Body Movin'

put the (eye) in fine!

don't care what they say

speak your mind (either in a straightforward fashion, or in crazy cryptic style)

find reasons to say "to be around you is so all right, you're sheer perfection"

smoke them all with intellect and savoir-faire

walk in through the out door

of course this is just a SMALL selection of the greater collected wisdom of Prince, but it's a start for this Monday.
2 comments on "instructions for a non-manic monday"
  1. I like to think purple. Some days it's hard though so I just think pink. :-)


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