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reading from both ends of september

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Monday, September 30, 2013
Late summer reading

taken on September 3 - the weather was still nice enough to sit outside under a tree and read and read and read. (my favorite!) On the left is the September book for my non-fiction book group, on the right Aimee Bender's new collection of stories.

Early autumn reading #books #reading

taken today on September 30 - the weather has shifted so the reading has moved inside. (also my favorite!)  It's been raining A LOT lately - we're getting the  dissipated ends of a typhoon that's come all the way from Japan and it's been dumping down rain for days. Once again, the book on the left is for non-fiction book club and the book on the right is for meeeeee.

There were other books in the middle of September, but I didn't take pictures of them so they'll have to wait.

pink and orange

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Tuesday, September 24, 2013
pink, purple, green, leafy

(I've blogged this photo before but I love the colors so much I have to blog it again.)

things I picked up today

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Monday, September 16, 2013
Horse chestnut casing
Horse chestnut casing

Tomato scars
tomato that's been through some things

Unrelated: It's been one thing after the other this late summer, but I think that things are mellowing out and I should be able to write here more frequently. I want to - I've read SO MUCH good stuff and less good stuff lately and I want to talk about it all. All of it! Fair warning.