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Monday, September 25, 2006
portland september sky
This mix has taken a lot of trial and error. At least 10 songs were in the mix at one point that have now been removed, and it's still a mess! But there comes a point where you just have to go with it. I was having many internal debates on whether I should split it up into Indian Summer: hammock songs and Indian Summer: windows down to divide the rockers from the more gentle tunes, but in the end I realized that was just a copout so I wouldn't have to decide! So I reminded myself that just because a song isn't right for a particular mix, it doesn't mean that it's not a good song! (I have got to do something about this rampant anthropomorphism. The song's feelings aren't going to be hurt, yet I still feel bad. I'll always love you, Genius of Love!!!)

1. The Sinking Game -- Marit Larsen: I like this song so much! It is jolly but serious, happy and hopeful, silly yet sincere. And I think there might be a singing saw in it. There's definitely that old-timey piano/banjo thing going on that always reminds me of some 70's musical set in the 1890's. Anyway, it's aces. I've been listening to it a lot, and even when it is diametrically opposed to my mood it doesn't piss me off! (that's a real test to pass, let me tell you.)

2. Rock And Roll Girl -- The Icicles: "me and my guitar/ baby we'll go far" This is one of those "follow your dreams" songs, which can be annoying, but this one is not! It's got a retro organ 60's girl singer indie rock vibe. "I'm going to go where the music is/ going to hang with the rock and roll kids/ I'm going to walk down the street/ and boys will throw flowers at my feet"

3. Sunshine -- Milkshake: I'll admit, this is obnoxiously, relentlessly cheerful. but it provides me with the opportunity to sing doot doot doot doot/ doot doot doot doot dooo yeah, so I'm not complaining. "I've got a big bottle of sunshine/ mix it up with a bowl full of daydreams/ pour it into a suitcase full of laughter that I found/ you won't find me sitting around" Actually, this is a good reminder song that sitting around on your ass is not really the path to happiness. I need this reminder wired to some sort of chair buzzer.

4. F.N.T. -- Semisonic: Power poppy! (secret code: F.N.T. Stands for Fascinating New Thing) despite this being adamantly catchy (you will AGREE, or your ears will be removed), I had some philosophical issues with it initially since the whole push of the song seemed to be that the girl being sung to was only fascinating as long as she was NEW. But then they redeem themselves by the end. I'm surprised, you've never been told before/ that you're priceless, yeah you're precious/ even when you are not new and then the best part "la lala la la la la la la la / la la la la la..."

5. The Ballroom Blitz -- The Sweet: according to King Dork, this song is from the greatest album of all time, (Desolation Boulevard) with The Sweet being the second greatest band of all time. When this song is playing I'm not convinced he's wrong. This is so perfect for driving around in the car it's not even funny. "all right, fellas, let's goooooo!"

6. Metaphor -- Sparks: Ha ha ha! This song makes me laugh EVERY TIME. I think it is because it always cracks me up when guys sing in high voices pretending to be girls. "chicks dig, dig, d-i-g, dig, dig metaphors/ use them wisely, use them well/and you'll never know the hell of loneliness" . Such good advice! "don't don't don't don't mix them!"

7. Oh! -- Casper & the Cookies: The first of two songs by this name. Also, a handy contrast in the use of candy metaphor to the next song. Anyway, this song uses a lot of candy, kid's games, and jumping rhymes but they turn them on their head to be kinda sexy and suggestive, like all good candy songs do! By the time they get to the end with the "say say my name/ come out and play with me/ and bring your (??? )/ beneath my apple tree/ slide down my rainbow/ into my cellar door/ and we'll be jolly friends forever more (more! more!)" it doesn't sound so innocent, even though the words themselves read like the Toys R Us catalog or the Big Book of Jump Rope Rhymes. Ooh -- check it out -- you can get it at 3hive for FREE.

8. Candyman -- Christina Aguilera: This song, on the other hand... I included it because it is hella-catchy and I like the 40's big horns sound and prefer xtina singing more poppy songs (opposed to her power ballads). But she completely misses the joy of the candy metaphor! She can't resist over explaining! "he's a sweet talkin', sugar coated candyman" Sure, that sounds fine and like it works with the candy song genre, but then she gets into the whole " he's a one-stop, got me hot, makin' all the panties drop" section and I shake my head at her! Panty dropping! Where's the double entendre fun in that? Please. It's barely a single entendre! I won't even get into the mental picture painted by "he dances like sugar cane" except to say that sugar cane is not noted for its grace, sexiness, or fleet footwork.

9. Gold Digger -- Kanye West: This song is problematic. It's a guilty pleasure for me and I don't even believe in guilty pleasures! ( If it brings you joy and you're not hurting anyone, why feel bad, is my theory.) EXCEPT, when the whole booty-shaking foundation of your song is a lifted Ray Charles groove. EXCEPT when the thesis of your song is about a girl who screws around for money (in a lifestyle way, rather than an hourly way). I know, I know, it's not like Kanye is exactly rolling in my circle, but the whole Gold Digger philosophy is completely foreign to me. I find this song so compelling AND repulsive, I thought I would be wise to examine it a little closer. Speaking of examining it, the video was great! It's just Kanye in a white suit with girls in live remakes of old girlie magazine covers. It was cheeky and fun without being the usual grody rap/porno grind. And I think that sort of summarizes why this song works -- despite being about a social climbing hoochie who " my best friend say used to fuck with Usher", there's a sweet core. "I don't care what y'all say/ I still love her". I know, I know! It's an assault to feminism and independent women everywhere. But somehow they have bypassed my logic centers with that insidious beat, and I've even found singing "we want pre-nups YEAH!" to be strangely satisfying. I KNOW!

10. Oh! -- Sleater-Kinney : The second Oh! song!! I have already stated multiple times on this blog how much I like this song, but I think I can risk it one more time: I really like this song. A lot. In addition to totally rocking (as sleater-kinney is wont to do) with an addictive oh oh oh oh singalong bit, it is also a very sweet love song. "Nobody lingers like (your hands on my heart)/ Nobody figures like (you figure me out)/ I would be lying if (I didn't say to you)/ No one comes close (don't worry you got it!)"

11. Dancing With Myself -- Nouvelle Vague: Wheeeee! This cover is so fun. I could probably make a mix of covers of just this song -- but of all the ones I've heard, this may be my favorite. (it could also go on a mix where the phrase "sink a drink" is used. does anyone know -- is that a particularly british term? I think I've only heard it in songs by british singers.) I really enjoy the way she sings the word "Tokyo" it's sort of "tokeyoho" which feels vaguely piratical while still keeping with the whole breezy sophistication of the Nouvelle Vague sound.

12. God Knows (You Gotta Give To Get) -- El Perro Del Mar: -- this was from this year's music issue of The Believer, and it is So Great! It's very brian-wilson-girl-groupish and has the always good to remember message, you've gotta give to get/ you've got to give to get back. Let's all be more generous!

13. Mushaboom -- Feist: I was trying to think why I like this song so much, and beyond the obvious pleasure in singing shaboom shaboom a whole bunch, there is a sweetly domestic quality that appeals to me. She talks about putting in a garden! Nobody gardens in pop music! "planted lilacs and buttercups/ ooh ooh oooh " (warning: stealth window rattler)

14. Put Your Records On -- Corinne Bailey Rae: Is it wrong that I am charmed that the initials for this song are PYRO? I didn't think so! I had been hearing this song here and there, and it was okay, but not really ENTHRALLING me, but then one day I happened to have the tv on and saw the video. The images in combination with the song completely won me over. It was filmed on location in South Africa featuring a bunch of girls on bicycles and kites and tall grass and mountains... it was just so breezy, laid back and summer perfect that I had to have it. As it turns out, the song holds up without the visuals! "maybe sometimes we feel afraid, but it's alright" It's just sort of gently reassuring. "when are you going to realize you don't have to try any longer/ do what you want to" (also stealth window rattler)

15. She Said She Said -- Mark Mulcahy: A lot of times Beatle covers just irritate me with their blatant and overt wrongness. Wrong Sauce doesn't even BEGIN to describe how wrong many of them are. But this one works for me. Maybe because of the really sneaky snakey bass line and the handclaps (my kryptonite)? Anyway, this came off of the recent Mojo Beatles 101 magazine CD.

16. Britney's Silver Can -- James Kochalka Superstar: From the man who brought the world one of my mix CD staples: Monkey Vs. Robot! (I defy you to not enjoy chanting R-O-B-O-T!) The Britney song has evolved for me as I've been listening to it. At first I thought it was just a kind of jokey at Britney's expense, but it is actually quite sympathetic with the particular kind of loneliness that her level of celebrity brings. This poignancy does not in any way take away from the pleasure of singing along with "justin timberlake/ justin timberlake/ justin timberlaayaayaake/ (jus-tin tiiimber-laaaaaaake)" , which you get to do for about two minutes!
12 comments on "indian summer mix"
  1. oh, I forgot to say...
    I do the same thing with music - especially on It's so hard to give a song the thumbs down even when i really don't want it on that particular station i'm trying to perfect. I have to remind myself it's not that I don't like THE SONG, just I don't like Pat Benetar on my Cocteau Twins playlist! And like you say, the song doesn't care!

  2. Guess what I want for my half-birthday!

  3. Leslie, that's so funny about your pandora playlists! I have a weird playlist thing on my ipod -- I am completely incapable of giving a 5 star rating. I have to get over it, because the 3's and 4's are becoming meaningless... It's just weird! Nobody else looks at it, it is purely for my own edification, and I CANNOT DO IT. bah.

    and of course I will give you both copies! (like you had a chance of AVOIDING ONE.) Martina, I think you should start planning my jan. 15 half -birthday gift now. (jan is such a dumb time for a half b-day!)

  4. Gold Digger??? My writing instructor last fall, who was/is the whitest whitey I have ever met, although I do adore her, said that "Kanye is really doing a lot for hip hop music. Just listen to Gold Digger"...I know that I enjoy the song, yet I know why I should NOT like it...just one of those things I would guess...I would also not mind a copy of this mix. I would like to find out if the term "indian summer" is offensive, even though it will not ruin my enjoyment at this point in time.

  5. I have a copy specially reserved for you, BBD. Okay, I don't have any made except for MINE, but I will certainly make one for you!

    As for the semantics of "Indian Summer," I wasn't able to find a definitive "this is terrible, don't use it" citation, and since it doesn't seem inherently bad to me... I took the risk. Gold Digger is FAR more offensive, as far as I can tell. If we're having a "which is more offensive contest", which maybe we aren't.

    here's an (inconclusive) link with more info:click here

  6. I must say that there is a Nelly Furtado song that got a lot of airplay this summer that I just loved, even though it was basically trash, but I think it is pretty close to the Gold Digger standard...and please! I still love MmmBop so I have no room to talk about anyone else's taste in music. Not to mention the beloved classic BARBIE GIRL!!!

  7. so, I "googled" indian summer and the origin is basically unknown, so I guess I couldn't be offended even if I wanted to be, which I don't. Funny how that works out, isn't it?

  8. Did I ever tell you that there's a full-sized pink Barbie jeep that I see driving around the neighborhood?

    That nelly furtado song is NAST! although maybe I'm just thinking of the video, which is definitely gross.

  9. A FULL SIZED BARBIE JEEP??? What a dream come true for a boy such as me. I agree with the Furtado song, but it has a good beat and you can dance to it. At least I can. Dance to it, that is.

  10. I see the barbie jeep in my neighborhood all the time! I was straining to see the driver the other day but couldn't make out a face. Drat!

  11. Barbie jeeps, they're fantastic wrapped in plastic...I miss Three Sisters. I have also had something revolting since Friday...Pink Eye!!!! I am NOT happy about it but it is nice to have a doctor in the house. Which is NOT a euphimism of any sort...perverts


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