you can still wear blue after labor day

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Sunday, September 03, 2006
blue blue blue

I have been trying to get my flickr pictures in some sort of order today. Not a lot of progress has been made, but I decided that since I did a red mosaic for fourth of july weekend, I would do a blue one for labor day weekend.

edit: Deadwood Season 2 thoughts (first three episodes):

modern medicine -- I'm so glad we have it! I have no doubt that in a hundred years people of the future will watch an HBO series set in the year 2006 and wince in horror at MRI's or heartburn medication or something. But man. All I'm saying is that if you're looking for something to be grateful for, be grateful you weren't alive with kidney stones at the turn of the last century.

favorite characters -- Trixie "I wish I was a tree!" (there's a way to end an argument and storm out of a room!), Sol Star, who is so much more likeable and potentially interesting (particularly doped out of his head while recovering from a gunshot) than Seth Bullock and his relentless aggressive do-goodery, and of course Al Swearengen, who is undoubtedly vile but still my favorite character on the show. Lovejoy he's not!

atmosphere -- a mix of wild frontier with the inevitable press of civilization -- a very volatile but interesting combination. As long as your tolerance for very creative cursing, filthy prospectors, double crosses, whoring, blood, man-eating pigs and lots of mud is okay, you might like this show if you don't like it already.
7 comments on "you can still wear blue after labor day"
  1. I have never seen Deadwood but I have heard things about they use lots of "language", and I like "language", especially of the "salty" variety...

  2. they do use a lot of, um.. rather colorful and somewhat salty language. They use a lot of language period -- they have much language love! It's not all filthy, just mostly. it's almost shakespearean. Seriously! The worst part is that it's also addictive, and for some reason people don't like being called some of these things! So "hoople head" it is.

  3. Your photo montage raptured my eyes.

  4. Thanks Patty! When I first read your comment I thought it said "ruptured" and I was thinking hmmmmm. Raptured is lovely though, so thank you! (note to self: you often leap to the wrong, negative conclusion unnecessarily. stop leaping, start reading.)

  5. I love that your mosaic included some of my favorites of your photos! Bridesmaids and the duck being the most notable. Also, I'm glad that Grover found his way in and Alderwood street and the litter bee!

  6. hee hee! Thank you! I didn't realize so many of those pictures were from birthday beach weekend (alderwood and litter bee) And how could I leave out the electric blue bridesmaids of DOOM dresses?

    wherever there is a collection of blue, Grover will be there.

  7. Raptured, ruptured, raptured, ruptured, let's call the whole thing off...


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