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Thursday, September 07, 2006
I have a headache. At first I thought it was because I forgot to eat very much today (so unlike me), then I thought it was because I was squinting at the computer too much... millions of exederin later, I realized that it is because it is going to freaking rain and my sinuses are rebelling. As special weather-predictive powers go, this one sucks. There's not a lot I can do about it since the freaking meth-heads have RUINED sudafed! The active (effective) ingredient is now illegal in Oregon/Washington, and who knows where else. Dammit! why couldn't they cook their drugs out of viagra or something?! You know there would be a reasonable replacement on the market within a matter of minutes if that were the case.

Now that I'm all grumpy and riled up, let's get to Rockstar: Supernova. It is a pretty stupid show, but strangely compelling.
Things I do not understand:
*why Lukas, the "sad clown from Hooters, Canada" is so popular

* what the deal is with Gilby Clark? He has the most pedestrian taste. (translation: we never agree. Whenever I hate a performance, he can "really feel it, man.") The only redeeming gilby moment I can think of is when he told that Jill girl that he thought using him as some sort of stripper prop when he played onstage with her was "cheap." ha ha!

*I was also going to bitch about Dave Navarro (I had a whole thing going in my head the other day when I was out walking about how in a David contest, David Bowie would win every time! Even though he judged the "walk off" in Zoolander, it was hilariously self-deprecating, whereas Dave Navarro hosts a reality "rock" show, which is uncool by definition.) But then Dave N. had to go and be all charming and articulate on his blog, so I will set the bitching aside for now.

other stuff:
* Dilana and Lukas are the ones who are the most naked in their ambition. How I have determined this was going to be part of my 7 part self-help/identify naked-rockstar-ambition lecture tour, but I will share it anyway because I am so generous, particularly with my crackpot theories. Whenever one of the contestants is performing, Storm, Magni, and Toby are always rocking along and being supportive. Dilana and Lukas are staring rays of pure hate unless the performance is tanking -- then they look bored/relieved. (but eyeball rays of pure hate still look pretty funny coming from behind the sad clown makeup. sorry Lukas. I think I have developed emo intolerance, and I'm taking it out on you.)

* Tonight they sent Storm home-- I don't think she would have been a good fit with the band, but I think she should have made the final four! She really got the best of the situation though -- they all felt so guilty for cutting her that she got the sweetest deal -- they have all pledged to play with HER, and she won't have to sing their silly songs!

In non-Rockstar: Supernova news, I cannot believe that the Village Voice fired Christgau! I thought he would be there forever. I didn't always agree with him, but he was usually pretty interesting. I hope he lands himself in an even better situation.

and to end on a perfectly random note, here are three songs from ipod happy list shuffle, heard by me today:

All The Young Dudes -- Jill Sobule and Warren Zevon: This is a fun cover. They are having such a good time that it makes ME have a good time, which is the point, right? RIGHT!

36-24-36 -- Violent Femmes: This song always makes me laugh, mostly because of "sooomething special about her personality/ soooomething special about her physiology!"

The Death of Ferdinand de Saussure -- The Magnetic Fields: the best BEST best part of this song is the single set of handclaps right in the middle. Handclap perfection. Besides, who doesn't love a good song about the start of WWI?
4 comments on "my rockstar headache"
  1. whoa dudette -- christgau FIRED?
    nothing sacred indeed... thanks for the link.

  2. Jen! I'm so sorry about your headache! I hate them so much! We should plan a trip to Canada soon. I know of a particular OTC sold there that does WONDERS on those unkillable headaches. I'm also sad to hear that it's going to rain.
    I'm ENCHANTED to hear the best Lukas name evah! The Sad Clown from Hooters, Canada is way better than Leprechaun or Lizard boy, no matter how appropriate they also are.
    What is the deal with Gilby Clark? Here is what I think is wrong: he appears to be wearing one of those wigs you find in the bin at goodwill. And he thinks he's Bad Cop when really he's just Bad Hair. And I was very ANGRY at that comment he made to Jill. Because every time a female got a positive comment on the show, it was something skeezy about her appearance. Then she got criticized for acting skeezy??? He's like "why do women always think they need to do that?" Well why do you think, you stupid asshole? Not that I'm a big Jill-lover or anything...I'm just sayin. I'm glad Storm's coming home but I also would have liked (and had fully expected) to see her in the finale. Now I probably won't even see the finale (god bless youtube!). But I was glad to see that they at least sent her off with a lot of love. If Magni had been in the bottom three, she'd have probably had a better chance of staying, but against the fabulous sad clown and growly Dilana, I have to say I think it actually made sense that they sent her home. Her last two performances, the original song and Wish You Were Here, are the only two that really reminded me of the Storm I've grown to love from her performances in Portland and I'm glad the world got to see it too. And I'm glad she made Jason Newstead cry. He was not the only one, either!

  3. Billy, I KNOW! What were they thinking?

    Leslie, Canada sounds good to me! The rain thing didn't happen -- it just got cloudy (cloudy cloudy) and then cleared up, so I had headaches on either end of it. So Unfun.

    I love the idea of Gilby as Bad Hair. It really does look like a halloween wig! the Jill comment did not make me angry for the following reasons: 1) I had been watching her make herself over week by week to look more like Pam Anderson (makeup, hair, clothes) I know it's a competition, but that seemed like a really cheap leg up. 2) she really was swinging off of him like a stripper pole! 3) when he made his remark, rather than saying "you know Gilby, What Leslie Said!" she said "everyone does it," which is such a second grade comeback. Then he said "well, I played with Heart, and Nancy Wilson never once humped my leg" and she didn't have a reply for that, but sang a Heart song the next week. Don't get me wrong -- I think he's a jackhole, but I don't think that, say Storm or Zayra (both of whom used their sexuality, as is their god-given right as a human) or any other woman on that show would have had that lame of a reply. If you're going to do it, OWN IT. She was only upset because it didn't work, not because she felt oppressed into flashing her boobs. (at least that was my take on it)

    I TOTALLY think Storm deserved the encore (and THE CAR.her song was The Best), but I have a feeling they knew she was going before it started and maybe didn't want to mix their messages? Jackholes! She definitely should have been in the final four. I have a feeling she'll come out of this okay, though.

  4. Although I have never seen this television show, or seen Storm perform, I think that when she comes back to town I want to see what all the hubbub is about. She sounds like fun and she sounds like she isn't a sell out sort of gal, which is also nice.


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