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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Welcome to Wednesday's Frankenpost. Stitched and stapled together to chase you across an ice floe. Or link to fun stuff:

++This was the quote of the day on my google home page yesterday and I thought it was a good one.
Doubt is not a pleasant condition, but certainty is absurd.
~ Voltaire

++ Improv Everywhere -- I have an improv dilemma. A lot of improv makes me itchy because it is either just not funny or verges on the mean in ways that are uncomfortable for me to watch. (humiliation comedies are not my favorite.) On the other hand, a lot of my favorite comedians (Stephen Colbert, Amy Sedaris, etc.) come out of an improv background. I have watched several of the Improv Everywhere missions and they seem to fall on the joyful side of the improv line for me. This recent one makes me laugh because it is so simple, but it got so many people involved in a non-mean way. Having been to a couple of baseball games, I can say that people watching/assisting like this would have been a welcome respite! Other fun ones (viewable through the first link) are Best Gig Ever, No Pants, Romantic Comedy Cab, Cell Phone Symphony, Circle Line Tours, and my so-far favorite of all time Look Up More.

++Bored in your hotel room? It never need happen again! (my favorite on this page is probably the Niagara Falls Hotel Bed Falling. It's so synchronized!)

To Catch a Thief -- I watched this Monday night. It was a VHS copy from the library, so it was full-screen, which was irksome, but even so, it was technicolor, cary grant-suave, grace kelly-cool, edith head costume-wearing, cat burglaring, south of france (and some studio swimming pool)-located, caper-having FUN! And not a little cheesetastic (fireworks love scene, I'm thinking of you). I don't know that I would call it a thriller as there was remarkably little suspense, but who cares? (see list of assets above, see also: Cary Grant. again.) Besides, Portland totally got a disparaging shout out! Woo hoo! (Cary Grant's fake identity was a "lumberman from Portland, Oregon." In their favor, they pronounced Oregon correctly, in the against column, while trying to determine if CG was who he said he was, Francie asked him to name 10 deciduous trees from the PNW. Deciduous! As if anyone made their fortune in timber from deciduous trees. What are they teaching in these fictional european finishing schools, anyway?)

++ oh, iTunes! -- apple introduced a new version of itunes (7.0) which includes gapless playback, fetching album art, an easy way to back up your music library, a thing that will tell you how many times you've skipped a song while playing (I think this will be interesting info), and much, much more I'm sure. I haven't downloaded it yet because I am always a little slow with updates (and I JUST GOT USED TO 6.whatever!) but I think I will have to do it today. They also introduced brand new iPods, nanos, and shuffles. (so pretty!)

++okay Rockstar watch and post: as we begin, I think Toby should win for the following reasons:

Dilanna -- too crazy/ too much drama (fun for TV, less fun when screaming and throwing champagne bottles on the bus)

Magni -- I like him, but don't find him a very compelling stage presence. And as Martina has pointed out, he's not as easy for the brain-trust of Supernova to push around.

Lukas -- the Sad Clown from Hooters, Canada. Plus Jason Newstead thinks he sings like there's a little gnome in his throat "restricting his power" or some other critique I am not sufficiently musical to decipher.

although I think Toby should win, I think they are going to give it to the little sad clown. Evs.

8:25 -- Magni is gone and Lukas is torturing the Verve. Also, he is totally wearing grandma sunglasses. Bah. He's going to win, isn't he?

8:38 -- NOOOO! Toby's going home. Damn that little Lukas throat gnome. I think Lukas and Dilanna should have to have a knife fight to determine who wins.

8:40 -- ooh, sad music, and Gilby has to adjust his wig so we must go to commercial. and I'm sorry, this isn't even the biggest decision of the DAY, let alone "the biggest decision of the summer."

8:45 -- I think Tommy Lee is crying behind his sunglasses. Poor noodle. And they pick the SAD CLOWN. Quelle Suprise! Was the fix in from the beginning? does it matter? They deserve each other.
4 comments on "frankenpost's monster"
  1. I felt bad for Dilana because she was so confident. I bet Lukas knew before the taping so the sunglasses were to hide his glee.
    After Storm left, I kind of stopped caring but we went to the Redrum for the finale anyway so Dag and the bartender could settle their Dilana/Lukas bet. Alas, we forgot that maybe she doesn't work on Wednesdays (she doesn't).
    I find that I sort of miss the show though. It provided a hot topic to discuss with almost anyone. I should really learn how to keep up on current events. The conversations I could have!

  2. Yeah, she was confident! (I am always spelling her name wrong!) I'll miss it too -- it was always interesting, even though I didn't think the performances were always interesting. I liked trying to figure out what they were looking for (although ultimately I don't even think Supernova knew).

    So who did Dag bet on?

  3. Oooh I LOVE "To Catch a Thief". I've seen it a few times, but (oddly enough) only in German translation, because it was always in the summer while visiting my grandparents! My Opa loved old movies (didn't go in for any of that new-fangled crap with sound and color!), so we spent a lot of time watching old movies together when I was a kid.

    But on to the important stuff - you should totally work for Dionne Warwick's Psychic Hotline! Clearly you have some psychic connection to the sad clown (or maybe Tommy Lee...although he has a strange charm, his inner workings don't exactly seem like they would have the most state of the art security system. I bet if you ever turned evil psychic, it'd be easy to mind control him into doing your bidding, but I'm digressing). Anyway, even though it is doubtful that I will ever spend money on anything Rockstar Supersadhootersclown related, I am sad it's over and that the winner was not chosen by knife fight. Maybe that's something they should incorporate next season. I think you should send Dave Navarro an e-mail. I'm just sayin...

  4. Dag bet on Lukas so now he's up $20!
    I'm with you that they didn't know what they were looking for. By the end, I had become of the opinion that those guys were actually ON the show too - not running the show - that was the job of the producers. So I felt like they didn't have control anyway and were being manipulated into doing whatever would make ratings highest and maybe that's why Jason Newstead was always so silent and mopey all the time. Then i realized that Tommy Lee was one of the producers so who the heck knows? Dag told me that now the sad clown is shacking up with TL!


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