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compare contrast, then kitty cat

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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Photo taken on my phone, processed with the new flickr app for Android / iguana filter. I like it! I like the bowed white border - which you can't really see here because of the white background - and the sort of hazy Perfume Ad atmosphere.  These roses are CRAZY BEAUTIFUL and I love the vase that they're in. Roses and peonies had to be picked because it has been dumping down rain for a week.  This meant bouquets everywhere! Which is awesome, but usually doesn't get done because I always feel guilty cutting a flower. (obviously a personal problem I need to get over.)


Same picture with instagram / mayfair filter. I like Mayfair because it has a skinny border (which sets things off when you've got a white background) and that the color is fairly bright without looking too goosed up. This is close to the color of the actual flowers and vase, although there's a sort of white bomb in the middle of the filter that disrupts things a bit.

This is right side up

OTIS. My sister took the picture with my phone while I was holding him. He's pretty dang cute. (this is the instagram lo-fi filter.)

I saw the sign

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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Mt Shasta

In case you were wondering what the elevation of MT Shasta is, or in case you were wondering what the old elevation sign looked like compared to the new elevation sign. Also: MOUNTAIN! (We were talking about active volcanoes at work yesterday. Of all west coast cities, I think Seattle and the greater metropolitan Sea-Tac corridor has the most to worry about, although none of us are exempt.)

 Personally, I understand the need for a new sign but I liked the old-school parks service look of the previous one.

signed (ha ha), Acquainting Herself With New Flickr and Finding BURIED TREASURE, or as I autograph birthday cards, Jen

p.s. I have been big into the garden lately and have revived my long-dormant garden blog. It's here, if you like that sort of thing.

who made you the center of the universe?

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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

This video is a delight to me: the song is so catchy, the video so stylish. Before this morning I'd read about Laura Mvula but hadn't heard her nor clapped eyes on her. (clapping eyes! What is the etymology of that, I wonder? I will have to keep wondering because I need to leave for work in one minute as in 60 seconds as in I need to stop typing.)

LAURA MVULA! I'm investigating further when I get home.  Until then, there's this.

when all logic grows cold and all thinking is done

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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

love this song!  I only have 7 XTC songs on my computer and none on my ipod - how did this happen???  I guess it's time to go digging for CDs and make it right. I love them in the spring/summer (but also in the fall/winter). They are an all-season band!  but I associate them mostly with green, lush summer.

high five, internet!

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Monday, May 13, 2013
happy face

Guess what? Nevermind, you don't have to guess because I am going to TELL YOU.

After many years of applying and trying and wishing and incantations to the moon, I've got a regular status permanent position at the library! Woooooo!!!!

I found out about a week ago and have been making the face in the picture above since then.  Some info:

  • the job is a category below the job I've been doing on-call all this time. I am quite honestly THRILLED nevertheless. 
  • It's 1/2 time, which means I can still sub in my current classification.
  • even though it's 1/2 time, I get benefits. Health insurance, here I come! 
  • BEST PART: I was able to get in at my favorite location, which is within walking distance of my house! 
  • it starts July 1
I know all of this will sound ridiculous to some - a lot of excitement over not much. First of all, it's not not much to me because I freaking love the library and believe in it as a cultural institution, and secondly a job at the library - no matter the position - is very competitive! Not only against many other qualified candidates, but also against the byzantine kaleidoscope of county hiring practices. I was prepared for battle before every interview (the battle of being as maximum awesome as I could muster) but before I could even do that, my name had to essentially be pulled out of a hat. 

ANYWAY. This is the thing that I've been hinting at for a while now. I applied in October, but thought I'd try (for once) not talking about it outright until I found out one way or the other. 


tips and tricks

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Monday, May 13, 2013
Spring sale

I have no tricks, but I do have a tip: SPRING SALE SPRING SALE SPRING SALE for Crafty Wonderland. I've gone to almost every one of these spring/ winter sales and last winter's sale almost DID ME IN. I met a friend who'd never been before and we happened to get there at the busiest time and it was a long sad shamble pressed between too much humanity to even get close to tables until the crowd thinned out. Saturday's spring sale, on the other hand, was lovely. Yes, there were fewer vendors, but there was AIR and I could breathe and walk freely. (I bought things for all my birthdays between now and december.) (not all MY birthdays - I only have one and it's in July. I bought things for all the birthdays that are not mine that I buy things for between now and december.)

Winter sale tip: don't go when they open. Go about 3 hours later and the first thing crowd will be gone. There's still lots of good stuff left, don't you worry.

ANYWAY - in news unrelated to tips, tricks, or sales the weather has turned rainy after a few amazing weeks of THE SUN. I love the sun, but I've got to tell you I'm glad to see the rain. It makes it so much easier to sleep! I'm also pleased because I got my tomatoes in and established when we were in the sunny realm of 80 degrees and I believe it might even be possible to get ACTUAL RIPE TOMATOES this summer and I'm so excited I can't even tell you. Even with the rain! they had so much good sun that I believe they're capable of anything, like going to harvard and becoming a quality pasta sauce.

there's more to impart (no more Mama Rose-style tomato ambition, don't worry), but I think I will save it for tomorrow!

the booty don't lie

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Saturday, May 04, 2013

I LOVE Janelle Monae and the android sci-fi time travel wondaland funky dream world she's creating. Also love: those mod dresses and wigs, the record player, "dangerous accomplice" Badoula Oblongata, "is it peculiar that she twerked in the mirror," color scheme, everything.

see also: TIGHTROPE