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Monday, May 13, 2013
happy face

Guess what? Nevermind, you don't have to guess because I am going to TELL YOU.

After many years of applying and trying and wishing and incantations to the moon, I've got a regular status permanent position at the library! Woooooo!!!!

I found out about a week ago and have been making the face in the picture above since then.  Some info:

  • the job is a category below the job I've been doing on-call all this time. I am quite honestly THRILLED nevertheless. 
  • It's 1/2 time, which means I can still sub in my current classification.
  • even though it's 1/2 time, I get benefits. Health insurance, here I come! 
  • BEST PART: I was able to get in at my favorite location, which is within walking distance of my house! 
  • it starts July 1
I know all of this will sound ridiculous to some - a lot of excitement over not much. First of all, it's not not much to me because I freaking love the library and believe in it as a cultural institution, and secondly a job at the library - no matter the position - is very competitive! Not only against many other qualified candidates, but also against the byzantine kaleidoscope of county hiring practices. I was prepared for battle before every interview (the battle of being as maximum awesome as I could muster) but before I could even do that, my name had to essentially be pulled out of a hat. 

ANYWAY. This is the thing that I've been hinting at for a while now. I applied in October, but thought I'd try (for once) not talking about it outright until I found out one way or the other. 


4 comments on "high five, internet! "
  1. Yaaaaayyyyyy!!!

    Congratulations! You deserve it and I'm so totally happy for you! Eeeeeeeeeee!

    The health insurance is a particularly awesome thing, huh? Benefits! Fabulous!


  2. Thanks, Maggie!!!

    I'm still over the moon about it!

  3. Hey! I just saw you and you didn't mention it! This is such great news! Congratulations! I know you have been wanting this for a long, long time.


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