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Monday, May 13, 2013
Spring sale

I have no tricks, but I do have a tip: SPRING SALE SPRING SALE SPRING SALE for Crafty Wonderland. I've gone to almost every one of these spring/ winter sales and last winter's sale almost DID ME IN. I met a friend who'd never been before and we happened to get there at the busiest time and it was a long sad shamble pressed between too much humanity to even get close to tables until the crowd thinned out. Saturday's spring sale, on the other hand, was lovely. Yes, there were fewer vendors, but there was AIR and I could breathe and walk freely. (I bought things for all my birthdays between now and december.) (not all MY birthdays - I only have one and it's in July. I bought things for all the birthdays that are not mine that I buy things for between now and december.)

Winter sale tip: don't go when they open. Go about 3 hours later and the first thing crowd will be gone. There's still lots of good stuff left, don't you worry.

ANYWAY - in news unrelated to tips, tricks, or sales the weather has turned rainy after a few amazing weeks of THE SUN. I love the sun, but I've got to tell you I'm glad to see the rain. It makes it so much easier to sleep! I'm also pleased because I got my tomatoes in and established when we were in the sunny realm of 80 degrees and I believe it might even be possible to get ACTUAL RIPE TOMATOES this summer and I'm so excited I can't even tell you. Even with the rain! they had so much good sun that I believe they're capable of anything, like going to harvard and becoming a quality pasta sauce.

there's more to impart (no more Mama Rose-style tomato ambition, don't worry), but I think I will save it for tomorrow!

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