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Sunday, April 15, 2007
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Kleenex used today: innumerable! I have a cold. Or allergies. Or something that makes me sneeze (which terrifies one of the cats -- it would be funny if he weren't so traumatized and betrayed by it EVERY TIME). Anyway, it's not too bad as yet and it sort of feels like (knock on wood) it might just fade away. Or maybe that's the Tylenol Severe Allergy medication talking. In the meantime I have kleenex shoved up my nose. It's quite fetching, let me assure you.

Hours spent running a repair disk on my computer: NINE!!! I need to upgrade to Tiger because nothing works anymore on Panther (it works, but just slow, slow, slow) but I can't do that until I fix ( aka run a program to fix) some broken thing. Of course since it took nine freaking hours to RUN this program, I haven't installed the new thing yet, so I don't even know if it works. I trust that it will. I'm trying some sincere blind optimism instead of my usual OH GOD let's try to look on the bright side disguised pessimism. We'll see how that goes. If it works here, maybe I'll branch out.

Word that contributers to The Believer need to lay off: Quotidian. It's lovely, I'll admit -- but like mongolian fire oil I think a couple of shakes are PLENTY. (of course my overused words tend to be "random" or "awesome", so maybe I don't get to vote.) For the first couple of computer fixing hours I thought "why don't I just read these back issues of The Believer while I wait?" Quotidian Quotidian Quotidian. It has lost all meaning!

Library Oddness: I was doing the paging list today and pulled one book called The Sun King, followed shortly by The Shadow King (different authors, different patrons requesting). It's not that weird, but I thought it was kind of fun.

... and now I am going to get some more kleenex and go to sleep. I hope people had a lovely weekend.
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  1. Bummer about the nasal thing! My allergies are hideous this morning and I can't find my Sudafed, which has really started the day off right (and all but wrecked me for singing Ute Lemper on my way to work...somehow I will persevere). Which cat is it? Is he from the mean streets of Sydney?

    So weird about the library! Have you processed any of my holds yet? I have 4 on the shelf and two in transit, and some of them are from yoru branch. I will need to do some speed reading before I allow myself to pick them up. I'm trying to not have more than 20 out at a time (mustn't take ALL the books. I could probably come close if I let myself). I had way more out than that for a long time, but finally whittled myself back down to 19 items and, well, ummm..Hi, my name is Martina and I am a massive bookoholic nerd...

  2. As far as allergies go, I use Zicam, as it does not have any of those shaky side effects. I hope you are feeling better, and you can buy Zicam at any major grocery store...even Quality Food Center. Also Rite-Aid over in the Hollywood district. But please I must say that if you are going to a pharmacy type of store do NOT go to WalGreens.

  3. Martina: The mean streets of Fresno, which is almost the same thing! Sorry to hear you're having The Allergies. Damn Trees and their POLLEN.

    No, I haven't processed any of yours yet! you have to put in a request the day before I go in, and it has to be something we have at my library. I'm sure it will happen one of these days. I currently have FIFTY items out, which is just THE LIMIT. I mean, you can have more, but it's too many for me to keep track of. I have a lot of DVDs out right now, though, so that's throwing off my count.

    BBD: thanks for the zicam tip! Leslie was telling me the same thing, but I think I got a little alarmed by the part where she said "it's gel you put up your nose!" I hate Walgreens on principle -- does a tatty drug store REALLY need to take up an entire city block? I think not! Yet they do it all over town with their ugly corporate architecture and discount pantyhose. I could go on and on.

    I am not really sick SICK sick like my sister was, but I'm just to that phase where everything makes me whiny and paranoid and I have to breathe through my mouth or not breathe at all. SO FUN! Thank you both for your good wishes, though.

  4. Zicam is not scary. It is just a little burst up your nostrils and then you blow. It sounds icky but it really is okay. I would not lie about that.

  5. It's true about the Zicam. Once you get over the weirdness of thinking about sticking something in your nose, which just seems kinda wrong, because it's typically a one way street in the other direction, it's really not that bad. Even if you get the kind with the Q-tip, it's weird, but not that bad, and it really does help.

  6. P.s. I always wondered what the limit was. I have never hit 50, however I did renew one book I've had in my possession for quite some time so many times that they won't let me renew it again. Oh, library, why must you taunt me so?

  7. ooh -- I know a partial answer to your library question: you can only check out 15 CDs/DVDs at a time. I'm not sure what the limit is on total items (I think it's well above 50, though) -- but you can only renew something 48 times. If you took "your" book back to the library and had them check it in at the counter, I bet they'd let you check it out again right then.

    I relent on the Zicam issue! All of you sensible people say it works AND is not gross, so I will just get some.

  8. Maybe we should buy stock in Zicam.

  9. My friend from school, Chach, reminded me today of one of my favorite sayings, thanks to you know who..."Right on peace to all people". I love that so much. But I do not love GWB droning on. He should have been in New Orleans right after Katrina and he should not have been falsely elected twice. But, I should add, right on peace to all people

  10. Zicam is probably owned by halliburton or monsanto and therefore E-VILE. I won't look it up right now, though, because I still feel pretty miserable. And I just rubbed spicy thai peanut salt in my eye. (not on purpose.)

    to sum up: waaaah.

  11. Be careful with your eye...I have been watching coverage of the shooting and I am so annoyed. Not by the shooting, but that Imus is still the "hot topic"...this country is so stupid.

  12. A-ha! the original Zicam Zombie!!! Now I feel kind of bad because I feel better but didn't get to use the zicam. Next time, for sure!


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