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Thursday, April 26, 2007
Guess what, guess what! I received a skinny letter from the hospital today. My skinny letter did not say that which I dreaded (where is our money??) but instead said "Legacy recognizes that medical bills are often unexpected and difficult to pay..." and went on to tell me my balance was ZERO! Woo!!!

I have already paid quite a bit toward various other doctors and services not covered under the "hospital bill" portion, but this was the big scary thing that has been hanging over my head for months. I've been thinking about it even when I'm not thinking about it. You know how it is.

Anyway, hooray! (and lest you worry that I am defrauding tax payers or taking vaccines from little babies -- which I HAVE ALREADY WORRIED ABOUT -- this is a private hospital which makes these assessments from on top of a big pile of foundation money. YAY!)

next on the agenda: INSURANCE! and lots of fun. The second part should be easy since friends are coming over in a few hours for craft night. Hooray!

edit: and in the spirit of WHY NOT? (and also because they made me laugh):
+If The Beatles Were Born Today
+Other Options Available On The New Poetry SUV
+Possible Titles for Future Sue Grafton Novels After She Runs Out of Letters.
+Horror Movie Titles on a Three-Letter Budget (and Subsequent Blurbs)
10 comments on "hooray!"
  1. Congratulations!

  2. Thank you, Anonymous Tara! I am very relieved.

  3. Congrats! That is some super jazzy good news and it could not have happend to a nicer lady-person.

  4. Thanks BBD! I thought it was super jazzy good news too!

  5. I thought of you when I went to get my hairs cut today. When I walked in they were playing Mister Billy Joel and when I left they were playing the Beatles. How JennZen, right? I freakin' love the sun!!!!!

  6. 1) I love the sun too!
    2) I cannot believe that muzak stalker Billy Joel makes you think of me. (HE IS INSIDIOUS)
    3) yay, beatles
    4) yay haircut (I couldn't get an appt. until wed. for mine, but at least the appt. is made!)
    5) there is no 5

  7. It wasn't Muzak, but I can tell you this much...we did not start the fire, okay?

  8. I know I already said congrats but I think this deserves another big high five!

  9. BBD -- AAAAAAAAAH! I'll have you know, Mr. Billy Joel followed me to Pendleton (which is Fresno's twin in Soft Rock covering for the city's secret desire to play country music all the time) but he was in more of a "don't you go changin' " kind of place.

    Leslie (and BBD) THANK YOU! It is still sinking in, I think. It's been in limbo so long! in fact, it's been in limbo since before the pope eradicated limbo!


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