in my plan, we are beltless

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Wednesday, April 11, 2007
Weirdest Thing about Courthouse Security: It's not taking off my belt and putting it in the tray with my bag, it's the strangely disembodied sensation of putting my belt BACK ON alongside a host of unsavory types often found in courthouses -- people that I would never voluntarily be fastening or unfastening my belt around. It's weirdly intimate, even as I'm standing on the marble steps with 20 other people in the exact same situation. I know, I know! This is no doubt standard procedure in an airport, but it has been one hundred thousand years (aprox.) since I've been anywhere on a plane, so it's new to me. Tomorrow: a dress with no belt. mwahahaha!

I still don't know if I'm on the jury or not. The wheels of justice turn slowly.
4 comments on "in my plan, we are beltless"
  1. I understand putting the belt back on being strange. It seems like more of a process than just whipping it off. I hope that your beltless dress eases your distress.

  2. It wasn't really distress, but thanks for the kind thought. the beltless plan worked, although I did not get selected for the jury. (more on that shortly.)

  3. Was a belt a requirement for selection? That was crafty of you...

  4. Ooh -- I hadn't thought of it from that angle. Hmmm.. I AM craftier than I knew.


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