vapo-vision (with photos)

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Monday, April 09, 2007
Tonight I got to see Charles Simic read. I have many thoughts about this which I will write up soon, but for now, know that if I could vaporize with my mind the following: people with ringing phones, persistent coughers who decide to tough it out, and chronic fidgeters, there would be several piles of dust on the pews of the First Congregational Church.

Tomorrow I go back down to the courthouse for my jury selection interview. I'm weirdly nervous about it, but honestly I get weirdly nervous about most things. I'm glad to get to see how this next phase works, but if I don't get selected I'm okay with that, too.

here are some pictures from my monday:
in front of the Portland Art Museum (across the street from the Simic reading). I found princess parking and therefore had time to snap some pictures.

I wasn't fooling around about the Dickinson bookmarks!

those are some short shorts
hee hee hee. This is vintage 30's fabric (not reproduction) on a 9 patch quilt top that Blondie made for me several years ago. It cracks me up! What's not to love? The mustache alone!!!
2 comments on "vapo-vision (with photos)"
  1. That fabric is crazyhot. I love it. I must agree with you about the cougherson's who tough it out and of course ringing phones. Unless of course they just got the phone and thought it would eventually stop making noise all on its own, like magic? Happy Jury Duty!

  2. Hee! She had an obnoxious musical ringtone, so I don't think she was just new to the ways of the cellphone. She was also a COUGHER on top of the phone thing, so she's double vaporized in my mind.

    That fabric is so crazy, period. Clearly made before the current workout obsession!

    I have to go back for more jury stuff tomorrow, and still don't know if I'm in or if I'm out. It's really interesting though.


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