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Sunday, April 01, 2007
springtime at the park

I promise I'll stop with the spring picture spam sometime soon. Maybe. I'll try, anyway. (photo note: The two dogs visible in this picture were just about wriggling out of their skins with springtime JOY.) I was looking for a winter picture from the same angle (which I could not find), but I did find this:

are you lookin' at me?

I'm telling you, that squirrel has it in for me!

Housekeeping: I have switched over to one of blogger's new Layouts. There are things I like (the archive) and things I don't (...change is scary), but I'm going to try it for a little while and see how it goes. I guess I can always switch back if I decide I don't like it. Spring seemed like a good time to freshen up. edit: good thing I copied my template before I made the switch -- blogger neglected to update any changes in my links for the past three months or so, but I was able to re-add them.

In random other news:
Commercials that make me laugh because they are funny or sweet:

"Roger, you tiger now." Poor stupid Roger. Tattoos are forever my friend!

The Gap ad with "Anything You Can Do" and CLAIRE DANES! I didn't realize it was her, but it totally is! She apparently has studied dance for years. I think it's so charming and true enough to the spirit of the song that Ethel Merman belting it out to sell khaki trousers doesn't bother me too much. (it's not like they reanimated her like Zombie Orville Redenbacher.)

Commercial that makes me laugh because it is ridonculous: BONIVA -- Poor Sally Field's friend!! She has to waste so much time taking a pill ONCE A WEEK instead of just once a month like lucky smart Sally. (they even have a hilarious shot of a hand sweeping off those FOUR pills from a calendar, and replacing it with just one.) Good thing these women never had to take daily pills like, oh, I don't know... multi-vitamins or birth control -- they'd never be able to leave the house!

Commercial that boggles my mind: AARP using the Buzzcocks' Everybody's Happy Nowadays. The day that they use Orgasm Addict for Levitra or Viagara will be a day I laugh a LOT. Unlike Iggy's Lust for Life (for Carnival Cruises, of all things), I don't think they can cut around the liquor and drugs, if you know what I mean and I think that you do. "he's always at it!" (Please consult your doctor if you experience blah blah blah.)
8 comments on "spring picture spam"
  1. I don't really have a tv, so I miss seeing all the fun commercials. I do know the one though about Sally Field's stupid friend who takes a weekly pill. The people that take daily pills must be really crazy. But when I am near a tv and alone I use that remote like there is no tomorrow, so I tend to skip the commercials. I guess if they can use Beatles songs for Macy's I am okay with them using Ethel for the Gap.

  2. I am NOT okay with Macy's and the Beatles [gigantor rant of epic morning proportions redacted].... that's why I was surprised I was okay with Ethel and the Gap.

    I guess it's probably time to finally add 'crochety fussbudget' to my resume.

  3. I remember you not liking the Beatles being used for Macy's. For every generation there's a gap.

  4. I love that Roger commercial. I don't watch that t.v. very regularly (except the occasional Bones and my secret shame and I've only seen my secret shame a couple times this season and am NOWHERE toward winning the Secret Shame Society Pool this year), because I'm too busy watching DVD's of t.v. ca. 2002 but I totally know Roger and his tiger stripes and it makes me laugh every time!

  5. Man, you better get with the program! Don't you want the Secret Shame Society sash and tiara that is awarded to winners of the pool so you can wear it in front of the tv???

    What TV are you watching ca. 2002? I have been watching premium cable series from the library. Just watched: Weeds (first season) and coming up Entourage (first season). For your basic cable needs, I can wholeheartedly recommend Chappelle's show, season 2.

    I am glad that you laugh at Roger the Tiger... if you would just watch a little more tv you could laugh at Sally Field's poor unlucky stupid friend who has to take four pills a month!

  6. What is the secret shame show, please? Chappelle show season 1 or 2 would be fine, both are amazing. As far as Sally Field's friend is concerned, we should all light some candles...I mean 4 pills a month? What a dumbass...

  7. I believe the secret shame show involves IDOLS, or people striving to become an idol, but first they must sing and dance like they're from paris, france in front of ms. paula "no, I'm not drunk" abdul. I hope that hint helps!

    I recommend season 2 of Chappelle because of Charlie Murphy's True Hollywood stories, Negrodamus, and Wayne Brady! But you're right, sesaon 1 is also great.

  8. I must confess that I watch the Idol thing. But only during the painful auditions. I like the reparations dealio during the Chappelle Show season 1, as well as a skit about a product called, I think, Rock-a-pads?


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