wordstock, where are you?

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Saturday, April 21, 2007

(photo from 2005)

Wordstock is what I should be doing this weekend, but for some reason that has not been adequately explained, the third instance of this lovely book festival has been moved to November. Why have they moved it?!? (Who are THEY?) I should be making tough decisions between author readings right now! I should be sidling up to various Wordstock tables and availing myself of free bookmarks RIGHT NOW. I am trying to be generous and assume there are valid reasons, but I don't have enough information. (I know, I know, being generous shouldn't require information, but I am naturally curious.) Did they need time to raise more money? Maybe it was too hard to get authors to come out when it was just the week before the much bigger L.A. Times Festival of Books? Couldn't book space in the convention center because of the strong arm of the NALC: Letter Carriers Retiree Banquet? Some sort of anti-bookish cabal blocking the festivities? If there is a conspiracy, I need to know. Bah! Spring is the perfect time for this festival, not in an already crowded November.

Oh, well. They didn't ask me for my opinion, despite my absolute willingness to share it. At length. (shut up.) So, to commemorate Wordstock Past and in anticipation of Wordstock Future, here are some links and pictures:

My first post on the first-ever Wordstock book fair in 2005 is here. (I think I went on for about 18 posts prior JUST on the Wordstock-themed Livewire, which was not only full of wonderful booky goodness, but also the first live radio show I ever attended. It was very exciting.)

For my deep thoughts on Wordstock 2006, click here.

The result of some quick flickr searching brings me the following bookish pictures:

cherry ames

That Cherry Ames couldn't hold a job! Yes, I have two copies of Senior Nurse. Let's pretend that one is her senior year of nursing school, and one is her life as a senior citizen nurse.

Friends of the library swag

Check out my swag from last year's Friends of the Library sale! I went on the last day when everything is even more ridiculously cheap -- I think I got all of this for just over $3.00.

Ian Rankin

I dragged a friend to see Ian Rankin at Powell's on Monday. She loves him, but was unlikely to attend without my obnoxious insistence. I haven't read any of his books yet, but having a charming Scottish raconteur talk to me for an hour was no chore.

7 comments on "wordstock, where are you?"
  1. I am so sad about Wordstock! I wish we were there having fun times.

  2. Me too! We'll have EXTRA FUN in November. If they move it again I'm going to have some sort of a fit, I think.

  3. It will be a nice winter weekend excursion...speaking of winter I went to see Blades of Glory today. I laughed more than I thought I would/should...

  4. hee hee. Yeah, I laughed more than I thought I should, too. I cannot say it often enough: I love Amy Poehler!

  5. She is so great. I loved her on SNL as well 2 nights ago. But I mostly watch for their little video thingies with that guy...

  6. Andy Samberg? Did you see the one this week about his brother in law? OMG.

    Of course I have huge love for Lazy Sunday: "You can call us Aaron Burr from the way we're droppin' Hamiltons" STILL makes me laugh like a maniac.

  7. Yes, I saw the one this weekend with his brother in law. It was pretty amazing. I still love Lazy Sunday soooo very much! That is double true...I have also started to love PBS. It is weird. And no, not Sesame Street.


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