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Sunday, June 18, 2006

This cartoon really captured my attention when I first saw it a million years ago. I think the advice is as good now as it was then! The last panel (click on the image to bring up a bigger, readable version) is SO TRUE.

(Thanks to Leslie who provided me with a copy when I couldn't find the one I cut out of the paper FIFTEEN YEARS AGO.)
4 comments on "how to groove on life"
  1. Oh, the eternal upbeat wisdom of Marlys...
    How do you feel about Fred Milton, Beat Poodle? He is a worthy, yet more cynical, successor for these dark times.

  2. I love Fred Milton! I even have a Fred Milton cartoon stuck on the fridge. (it was one about the vagaries of WINTER and the evils of television)

  3. You're welcome! I also want everyone to realize that I made this copy for Jen from the copy she gave ME probably ten years ago!

    The part about the one giant ear always chokes me up.

  4. I try to always remember, when sending out an email to my school group, to include those most beautiful words..."and right on peace to all people..." People always ask me why I include that and I ask them, "Why not? It really rocks." Wednesday will soon be Thursday, blessed be...


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