it seems obvious: volcanos are dangerous

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Monday, September 26, 2005
mount st. helens
mountain of curses

long story short: went to Mount St. Helens with uncle, mom and sister on Saturday. Mom tripped in a hole in some pavement and dislocated her right shoulder and bruised the hell out of her left foot.

moral of the story: if one visits Mount St. Helens, one should keep (AT LEAST) one eye on the mountain all the times since it has obviously developed a taste for human flesh. But don't forget to look at the sidewalk too.
3 comments on "it seems obvious: volcanos are dangerous"
  1. The phrase "Mountain of Curses" comes to mind. How is you mom? Did anything come out of her visit to the doctor today?

  2. Yeah, mountain of curses was definitely going through my mind!

    The result of being at the shoulder Dr's office more than THREE HOURS is that he now thinks she must have broken part of her scapula/clavicle - the part forms the socket that holds the top of the humerus into the shoulder. She has to get a special CT- Scan as soon as they can schedule it. The good thing is that they gave her a more secure sling so she's can relax a little. If bones are broken, she will have to have reconstructive surgery. It definitely could be worse, I am just so sorry that she has to deal with it. Damn you, Mount St. Helens!!!! (shakes fist)

  3. Sheesh! Nothing good comes out of that mountain! I have NEVER been there without something whacky happening, even if it was just something minor. This, however, takes the cake and shows the mountain in its true, vengeful form (if the explosions weren't enough).


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