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Wednesday, September 28, 2005
I don't know what it is - the sunny day, the indictments, the phase of the moon or WHAT - but I have that wonderful Anything Is Possible feeling, and I LIKE IT.
If I were in a car, I would be driving too fast, with the music too loud. Maybe playing Crash the Party from OK Go's Oh No. This chorus is fun to sing along with:

Oh, girl, let's crash a party
el dorado on the lawn
(hey! hey! hey!)
Let's burn holes in the carpets
take your shot at dancing on the tables all night long

I would go for a drive right now if I weren't waiting for FedEx. Maybe I will commandeer the FedEx truck. Maybe I will put on a disguise. Maybe I speak only in fractured Spanish the rest of the day. Maybe I will write anonymous letters. Maybe I won't, but maybe I will.
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