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Friday, September 02, 2005
For anyone looking alternative ways to help or donate or do something to help victims of hurricane Katrina, take a look at Mercy Corps and Northwest Medical Teams. For both charities more than 90% of all donations goes directly to programs and relief, with less than 10% going to administrative costs. Another organization (NOAH) that just started is dedicated to helping New Orleans musicians find employment and to assist them and their families in relocation. I love music, and I love that musicians (and neighbors - this is based in Houston) are stepping up and helping each other out.

Another way to help and buy art at the same time is the Flickr Katrina Relief Auction. Photographers are offering up prints of some of their best work to go to the highest bidder. Proceeds go to the American Red Cross. There are some amazing images available.

It is a disgrace and a disaster in its own right how slowly the federal government has been acting to assist people desperately in need of help. Who knows how many lives have been lost due to the ineptitude of the official response? I am heartened that people are looking for creative ways they can help in a tangible form. (although money's great too!)
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