should I stay or should I go?

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Thursday, September 01, 2005
Here's the situation - OK Go, on whose fabulousness I have rambled on at length to anyone who will listen - will be in my fair city tomorrow. For Five Dollars. FIVE DOLLARS. On the negative side, they don't even hit the stage until 11:30. This is late for the likes of me. While I do stay up way too late reading on the internet and whatnot, that is largely done in my pajamas! Party animal, I am not.

Yesterday (prior to hearing their just released CD Oh No I was leaning toward the "well, they'll probably be back in town sometime at a more reasonable hour." But today I am being more and more swayed by the FIVE DOLLARS (six with service charge) and also the fabulousness issue. What if the next time they come to town they are megalithic giants of rock and play a big arena? Those shows are no fun. This show will be at a very tiny club. I am obviously leaning towards going right now. I think I have convinced some friends to go (which makes it more fun and less scary since it is a club I have never been to). Now I just have to work on my sister, who rightly points out that it is LATE and she has to work EARLY the next day. My argument will largely consist of FIVE DOLLARS, and then making her read funny blog posts like this one.
4 comments on "should I stay or should I go?"
  1. Ho Ho! You are at the show right now! I am so glad you decided to do it. Let me know how it was and also how you like Dante's. Hope I didn't paint too rosy a picture. I just really like it there.

  2. Ha ha! I had fun, although perhaps not quite how I was expecting. I will post more details later (after reflection and laundry). I am pretty sure that we witnessed a man-diva hissy fit, but that's rock and roll, I guess.

    I'm certainly glad I went, but I am less sure of those I talked into going with me. I feel bad, especially for Bec who has to do a lot of driving for work today. The show ran later than anticipated...

  3. I'm glad you did actually go! I would have joined you, but it had been a long week at work with my boss gone. (Of all the places she could have picked to go on vacation, what were the chances she'd fly into New Orleans just in time for the hurricaine?) Anyway, don't think I won't ever want to go, just because I couldn't do it this time. Tired/broke/having to get up early just didn't make for a recipe for "Yay a concert!" (It was more of a sister spirit to my famed oyster gack recipe.) Talk to you later!

  4. Oh, man! I'm sorry you couldn't make it, but you definitely had lots of good reasons for not going. Plus I gave you virtually no warning since we didn't decide for sure until the day of. Next time we'll have to plan better!


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