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Friday, March 02, 2007
By decree of the Jennifer Government (by which I mean ME and nothing to do with the book of the same name which I have never read -- I just like the idea of having authority to make decrees), this is going to be an Old Business Weekend at Chez Jen. I am going to finish some of this stuff that has been hanging around tormenting me with its undoneness -- flopping out of drawers, falling out of bookshelves, tripping me, burying me, generally taunting me and guilting me in that special way that unfinished projects have. I've got a good jump on it already -- I finished the top to a quilt I've been working on (VERY sporadically) since last February. Now to put the back and binding on! (I kind of hope it keeps raining like it is right now, because that will make it easier...) Stuff to goodwill + stuff put away + projects finished = FANTASTIC. I expect it will be hideous at times (which is why it's still not done) but it will be so great to have some things finished. I have a stack of movies from the library for the sewing stuff, and I have liters and liters of diet coke for the other.

I also have a stack of books sitting right here by my computer that I am going to write tiny short reviews for (or else!) -- if I wait until I'm ready to do full-length ones, I will NEVER do them, and it's already been months and months on some of these. Here's to clearing out the old to move on with the new!


Updates to this post as I proceed.

update #1: 7 AM Saturday: You may thank David Bowie and the swimming, biting babies for the early hour of this update.
Project news: the quilt top is completely done and pressed (and 82" square, which was really weird because I did it mostly by eyeball rather than measuring), I have figured out how I'm piecing the back (I'm making this from stuff I already have, so there is a lot of piecing that I might not normally do), and have started making those backing pieces. Photo of the front in the next update! I have one mini-review 3/4 written, and of course it's not as mini as it should be.

bonus! (hilarious! on what planet is someone telling you their weird dream a bonus? but I'm telling you anyway...) So, it is my recommendation that if you run into Dream David Bowie DO NOT ask him if he's afraid of being typecast by playing Tesla again. It makes him crabby and he will use way too much packing tape on the chair he's making out of couch cushions and packing tape. I experienced this crabbiness first hand as we stood in a dry field by a busy freeway. He was wearing a suit and a top hat while he taped away and we discussed some trouble he'd been having with his email. (I think I was some sort of assistant, Ugly Betty style. Way to dream big, subconscious!) Crabby Dream Bowie and I made it across the freeway to a Kwikie Mart type place (he wanted a blue drink, and yes, I had to carry his stupid cushion and tape chair) and then we were in some huge area that I assumed they were using for his movie. I noticed a Tesla movie poster that had lots of very cool old-school movie typography on a table, which meant extra flourish to the words Featuring Katharine Al(something) and her Aqualatti. Synchronized Swimmers! I woke up suddenly when I saw for myself that the Aqualatti were a team of synchronized swimming babies with really sharp teeth and creepy synchronized cliche devil-baby voices. Once I heard them ask in unison "will there be blood?" I exited dream world tout suite. Who needs that kind of stress? Dream Bowie will have to deal with his own tape chair, email, and the swimming biting babies, because I'm not going back there if I can help it.

update #2, 4ish Saturday: Here's the promised picture of the front... this project was a sort of remix of an old quilt that I had started in a moment of insanity and abandoned once my retinas recovered. I like it so much better this way. The back is all cut out and almost put together. After that, comes layering the back, the batting and the top, then tying it. Actual quilting is not my thing, so I'll tie it with white pearl cotton and if I'm ever going to quilt it, it will happen MUCH LATER and probably be done by a trained professional. Next exciting adventure: will I have enough of the fabric I like for the binding?? Never a dull moment, I tell you...

update #3, 6ish Saturday: all right, I haven't done any more work on projects, but I think the sunset I'm looking at out my window is worthy of note, as was the walk from which I just returned. I thought the crocus were blooming in the park before, but they were not! They were blooming today. The sun was out casting shadows and making everything look better than it probably should. I'm talking the full golden light on almost blooming trees while Here Comes the Sun plays on the ipod deal -- it was an almost religious experience, I'm telling you! (this is the secret of life in the pnw: the winter weather is so miserable so often that when it's even a little bit nice, everything seems wonderful, or at least significantly less miserable than before.) PLUS, there was a St. Bernard puppy which was so cute I almost had to leave the park or risk making an absolute fool of myself. (I managed to avoid complete disgrace.. but OMG, SO CUTE!) I am a little bummed that the lunar eclipse is not visible west of the rockies, but... this sunset is pretty nice, and it's still light after 6pm, AND the neon that I can see from my window just came on and it looks very lovely against the streaky blue/orange of the sky. Now back to work.

update #4 2pm Sunday: back from library. Must eat, and then I will get that quilt tied! I gave up last night because it's big and there was no easy way to get it spread out without moving a lot of furniture. I got it pinned, but there were PROBLEMS. So I'm going on the theory that this kind of work is better tackled when there is ample light and the clock's not inching to midnight.
11 comments on "by governmental decree"
  1. I must say that your weekend seems like it could be fun. I know how I am about big ideas and how once I express them I sort of feel like I have already completed the work, if that makes any sense. I wish you a most fun and rewarding weekend and I look forward to reading all about it. My big thrill this weekend, besides grocery shopping and Target, is trying to get through season 1 and 2 of La Femme Nikita. The show is totally USA Network all the way and that is rather joyous in a basic cable cheesy sort of way.

  2. bbd -- yeah, it is kind of fun. I feel you on the "I already thought it, it's like I already did it!" thing. sigh.

    I never got into La Femme Nikita, but I always got the sense that it would be big USA Network fun. Joyous basic cable is a great description.

    Patty, this is all stuff I should have done AGES ago!! The trick is going to be to keep going rather than stopping for big long "I am so impressed with myself" breaks. hee hee hee.

  3. About the stuff you should have done ages ago--from where I sit, I never noticed your having time for long impressed-with-yourself breaks.

  4. I have tried to be a little crafty this weekend, but I am so not really inspired. I have fun ideas but that is about as far as I can get. I need a staff to execute my ideas. You are progressing nicely and I do think the weather must've been helpful. I love the sun and I will never complain about it again. Until the next time I complain about it, of course, yet I will try not to.

  5. I keep re-reading that post--sort of like turning a crystal over and over, to see it from different angles. About weather here: there are so many changes. I know some miss the perpetually blue skies of, say, Utah, after moving here. But, something new is always starting up in our skies. It reminds me of Amsterdam. And I have grown to love it, even the rain, which took a lot of getting used to, at first. (Rain and 40 degrees--bites my bones!)

  6. BBD-- I think you've got the absolute right idea about a staff to execute ideas. I've often thought that someone should just pay me to think of stuff, and leave the doing stuff to someone else! Ideas are not a problem... it's follow through that will be the ruin of me.

    Patty, I love the skies too. I'll admit that when it's on day 30 of 40 straight days of rain, I get cranky and wistful for sunnier climes, but... I lived in Florida for a long time and you couldn't make me move back. Not to say I'll never leave the northwest -- I actually would like to live somewhere else for a while -- but there's a lot to love Right Here.

  7. A midnight quilting bee next time, perhaps? That sounds like, well, something. I hope all is going well.

  8. Jen, I'm LOVING the way the quilt looks! It sounds like a lot of work still to be done before it's "finished". Good luck!

  9. Thanks Leslie! I'm so close now!! I will hold off on further updates until I have pictures of it FINISHED. (I found the receipt for the batting, which was 3.6.06, so I'm motivated to be all done before then...)

  10. You can do it Duffy Moon, you can do it...


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