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Friday, November 03, 2006
one of my favorite trees
about trees:
This tree is one of my favorites at the park. (other people have favorite trees, right?) This photo was taken about 2 days after the leaves were in Peak Marvelous Color because.. (vain confession) I don't take my camera unless I'm wearing a jacket since it looks really stupid and lumpy shoved in the pocket of my pants. Anyway, what my little camera did not capture was how lovely it looked with the leaves floating softly to the ground.

a note on the weather:
thanks to the time change, it now gets dark here around 5. Since it is also now The Time of Rain, it seems dark even sooner. This is so depressing but I must find ways to overcome it, or it's going to be a loooong winter.

something I'm gonna do:
set up an etsy shop. I've got all this stuff I've made sitting around getting dusty and keeping me from making more, so maybe I will unload it on the unsuspecting public! (this is something I've been considering for months. It would seem that I have a long idea incubation period, except on those rare giddy occasions when I don't.)

something for me to remember:
The GRE is not a black-hearted entity bent on the very destruction of my soul. It is merely a standardized test. (or IS it????)

scientific survey:
According to a scientific survey conducted today (with a witness -- that's what makes it science, baby), 2 out of 3 Magic 8 Balls say that I do NOT rely on the advice of the Magic 8 Ball too often. I guess one could say, "well, they would say that, wouldn't they?" but that a little paranoid, even for me. The holdout was the Lemony Snicket 8 Ball, which as you can imagine, is not too optimistic. Outlook Gloomy is typical, Depressingly True is good news.

this morning I was loading some songs I'd downloaded into iTunes, and found I had another Planningtorock song. Hooray! I recently went bananas for one of their songs (used it in my Spooky mix), so finding that I had another was a delicious surprise. I decided to go read up on the band and see what was what ... and lo and behold, the band is actually ONE WOMAN. I totally thought it was a dude! I'm usually good at figuring these things out, but to me it sounded like a guy singing up high in typical glam style -- but no! Anyway, it adds another layer of weirdly wonderful on top of what was already pretty weird and wonderful. According to the AMG, the moods for this band include: literate, playful, irreverent, freewheeling, theatrical, quirky, witty, sophisticated, dramatic, ironic, stylish and campy. If any of those sound good to you, you should check it out!

currently reading:
The Lives of the Muses by Francine Prose. Such an interesting angle on the complicated ways we humans go about things. Throw art and desire into the mix and all those complications go into an entangling machine and get even more complex. I still have 5.5 muses to go, so maybe everything gets tied up in a neat bow by the end. (I have my doubts, however...)

the OC:
Ryan is cage fighting! CAGE FIGHTING!! I know I am supposed to be sad about all his guilt and dead Marissa baggage, but the idea of Seth (SETH!) trying to talk him out of the cage and back to the pool house just makes me laugh and laugh.
4 comments on "beep beep, beep beep, yeah!"
  1. Season 3 was way better than the 2nd season, in my not so humble opinion...I actually liked Marissa. Maybe because I knew she not going to be around much longer? I like Ryan's hair better and I do enjoy him with that busted up face...Seth annoys me and I still love my homegirl Julie...she is great. I mean, what with the landscaping and attempted built-in removing? She truly rocks the trailer park...

  2. Or, that she WAS not going to be around? I hate typos but I could not retype that rant...

  3. but, but... CAGE FIGHTING! To be honest, every season since the first has been somewhat disappointing. I don't think I'm the only one to notice since in just one episode it seems like they've tried to reset it back to season one status: Sandy's back in the DA's office, Ryan is back to being the Bad Boy with Secret Pain and a Heart Of Gold, Marissa has been replaced with Marissa Mark 2 since there is no way they could get her character back to season 1, Seth is back to being a Loser with a Secret Fount of Cool, and Summer... well I'm not sure what's up with Summer and Kirsten but I'm sure they'll find some way to erase the past two years under the guise of "dealing with the pain." Julie -- Julie has to bury someone every season, so look out Mini-Coop! It's vodka and shoplifting for you young lady, and then a regrettable but entirely predictable/preventable death even as you protest "but I am not my sister!"

  4. I have great hopes for this season, and it is the 1st that I will actually be watching from the very first episode. I think it is going to be on Wednesday at 9pm this week, just so you knows


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