god knows (you gotta give to get)

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Sunday, November 05, 2006

This video is charming, as is the whole El Perro del Mar album!

Bonus: since it is animated, the normal issues with jumpy youtube syncing do not apply.

In less charming news, I think I have a sore throat. I mean, I know I have a sore throat, but after a day of hoping it was just some flukey sinus thing that would go away, I have pretty much resigned myself to drinking lots of fluids, taking lots of sore throat drugs, and going to bed early and REALLY HOPING it will go away.
3 comments on "god knows (you gotta give to get)"
  1. It does have a sweetness to it. Sometimes animated videos just make me tired, but I really like this one!

    How's your throat? Feeling any better?

  2. It's spare and sweet but not TOO sweet. Anyway, I have watched it a bunch of times now and can report that it holds up.

    My throat feels better now, but the rest of me has fallen into the Dreaded Cold Zone. I felt so good yesterday I was sure I was cured. With any luck the rest of this junk will cycle as fast as the throat did, and I'll be feelin' fine by tomorrow.

  3. Oh, so sorry. I am so sorry to have missed you and kitty, but not not not that Dreaded Cold Zone.


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