by the time you read this, I will have black fingernails

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Thursday, November 16, 2006
This Regina Spektor video is not only charming, but stylish. I heard the song for the first time this morning and I was immediately taken by it. She demonstrates here a sweet and light touch with for excavating and examining her own (or at least the protaganist of the song's) romantic impulses. Big emotions can be so consuming; fewer people than you'd think have got the talent to convert all of that into something not only approachable but still recognizable. It's no small gift. And it LOOKS really good, too!

The messages/questions I'm taking away from the video (because I guess I just can't watch it and be done with it) are:

your own head will drive you crazy. -- I knew this already, but I always like to have it confirmed from outside sources.

black nail polish on short nails looks cool! do it even though it will come off in a day. -- well, it turns out I didn't have black, so I'm sporting a really really dark wine color (Hollywood and Wine from OPI). I need to get some black and do it right.

I wonder if the whole album is good? -- I am still wondering this! I bet it is.

Is that guy a reformed mime, or is that the only black/white shirt they could find? -- this remains unanswered at this time.

5 comments on "by the time you read this, I will have black fingernails"
  1. This is too great! I have this song written down as one I need to own because I just loved it when I heard/saw it...I think that VH1 introduced me to her. That fact is a bit frightening, but whatever. I am now going to investigate napkin ring holder stuff...

  2. I saw it on VH1 too! I thought it was fantastic. I have an earlier record of hers, but not this one...

    I hope your napkin ring investigation went well.

  3. VH1 rocks!!! Who knew I would ever type those words? The napkin ring thing is, well, annoying me. I have this semi-crafty thought but it has yet to become an actual idea and, well, that is annoying. But since it is not even 6AM I do not think I should start worrying just yet...I hope that VH1 brings you big joy and big fun this crisp and lovely day

  4. the album is half-great (i.e. arguably worth the purchase)


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