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Saturday, November 25, 2006
they're terrific

Leftovers have ruined me!! I swear, I had this great idea for a blog post this morning when I was out walking, but once I got home and had a piece of pie (pecan) and some caffeine (diet coke), I became a jittery mess and all of my brilliant ideas departed. Yeah, I'm quite sure that's what happened... it was good pie, though.

Since that great idea is lost to me now (seriously, it was fantastic!), I will instead share with you some links that have brought me joy in the past few days:

I quite enjoy Meg Cabot's blog -- it's funny, she's generous with encouragement for young writers AND she totally loves her work and her fans. Particularly hilarious (at least to me) was this recent recreation of Tom and Katie's wedding with captioned photos and scientology vows. If you have made some crazy commitment to not laughing, do not follow that link. However, if you don't mind seeing Posh Spice's name taken in vain, do click!

This is THE BEST recap of everything that has gone horribly, hideously wrong with the Gilmore Girls this season. Also with captioned photos -- I guess I'm in a captioned photos place today. (via fluxblog, which I enjoy reading daily.)

Poking around on Pitchfork I found the previously unknown to me GUEST LIST feature. I love lists! I particularly love this list by Colin Meloy of the Decemberists, and not just because he gives a shout out to Snood and to the Blur record I probably listen to most.

I love reading Jane Espenson's blog. That she was one of my favorite Buffy writers is what got me to her blog in the first place. What keeps me coming back, though, is that she's funny, generous, encouraging and SO KIND to her audience without ever being condescending. The emphasis is on writing spec scripts for television, but a lot of her advice is applicable to any kind of writing. A recent link from her blog led me to this post over at Bootstrap Productions. It is also kind, funny, encouraging and well worth reading.

In short, I love the internet!

unrelated side note on the perfidy of Macy's department store: Macy's is trying to kill me. Or, allowing that perhaps they do not have their entire advertising department devoted to constructing ads based solely on that which I despise, I am just unlucky. A shitty Beatles cover selling department store jewelry? TORTURE. [my thoughts on Beatles songs in advertising and the objectionable quality and philosophy of mall jewelry may appear at a future date.]
5 comments on "they're terrific!"
  1. I love how we now call that rinky dink parade we have Friday morning the Macy's Day if. I watched part of it with Jake, thinking that he would get all excited about the low rent Santa. That didn't happen. There was some sort of duck float-like thing right before the oldster in red and Jake thought that the duck was the main event. Children at that age are so...strange. I haven't noticed any Macy's ads, but I must say that when a Beatles tune is used for advertising it is somewhat depressing.

  2. I blame Michael Jackson. (this is strangely satisfying to say.)

    I did NOT see any of the pdx friday parade in person or on television. I watched part of the Thanksgiving Day parade because the local news had been running constant breathless hand-wringing commentary about how it was so windy, GARFIELD might be grounded! IMPORTANT NEWS!!! (I also tuned in because as cheesy as they are, I like parades.) I watched long enough to determine that the balloons were not grounded, that the weather there was exactly the same as the weather here (rainy, cold, windy), and that jump rope in a parade route is not really very interesting to watch.

    As for Jake and the duck -- I can't say I blame him. I heard they had Santa on an inflatable sled, which sounds profoundly lame.

  3. The worst/best part of Macy's actual parade is, depending on your POV, the relentless and unforgiving Broadway numbers!!! They drive me so crazy!!! Does the actual city of NY have to pay for a 3 hour ad for itself or what? Ugh. Michael Jackson and Yoko most definitely suck...for many reasons, I am sure, but most especially for allowing the Beatles to "ho" for Macy's and Nike and so many others that I can not recall...

  4. are the broadway numbers any weirder than the freaking royal rosarians at the grand floral parade? I think not! Although Gloria Estefan lip synching and riding a hippo float might be...

  5. Parades, on the telly, are not as "fun" as they are when you are watching from the sidelines. Maybe I could say the same for life? Happy Monday


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