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Tuesday, November 07, 2006
Except I voted yesterday. I realize that there are lots of good and convenient reasons for Vote by Mail (or in my case, Vote by Dropping off Ballot at Library), but I miss voting in a polling place. I felt like I was participating instead of doing paperwork. Oh, well. At least we don't have those infernal Diebold machines!

So, in the spirit of democracy (or something), here's another video! This one is for the Decemberists' song 16 Military Wives, which amuses me for many reasons, including the following: Colin Meloy is practically MADE OF HAM, he's so hammy in this (I especially like the evil hand-rubbing and the palpable aura of arrogant assholery), the captions, it looks like the Model UN debate scene from Rushmore (not an accident, I'm certain), academy students in their 30's, "let's put on a show!", and that it was filmed right here in sunny old Portland -- the outdoor scenes are an accurate representation of what it looks like from about dec. 15 through march. (maybe the secret to enjoying the rainy season is to dress like you're in a Wes Anderson movie.)

This video was made early last year or late the year before. (around the time of "freedom fries" and people honestly believing they would find WMDs in Iraq -- I never believed it, most people who will read this never believed it... and YET.) Anyway, I do believe this video has continued relevance to our situation, since we still seem to be the asshole bullies of the world. There is hope! We can leave GWB alone in the hallway buried to his neck in election returns! (granted, it would be easier if more states had paper ballots...) I know these are only midterm elections, but it's what we've got to work with.

(I promise, no more videos this week. This one is best if you hit play, then pause and let it load all the way before starting it.)

4 comments on "election day!"
  1. I so totally voted against vote by mail because I so loved going to the polling place that was at the retirement home down the street. Progress isn't always so keen. Just look at the OHSU tram for cryin' out loud...

  2. I guess these days we have to get that old feeling of solidarity with our fellow citizens by volunteering at phone banks.

  3. I think I voted against vote by mail for similar reasons (except I voted in a church basement and it was always raining when I stood in line). It looks like it's working though -- I thought I heard a report earlier tonight of 67% turnout in Oregon, which is HUGE for a midterm election. (I am so glad that pasty bastard saxton did not win for governor. Something about the way he speaks makes me feel stabby.)

    Patty, I hope that phone bank volunteering isn't the only answer! I was not filled with civic joy at being the recipient of at least 5 political calls a night for the last month. I did volunteer at a phone bank during the presidential election, and I have to say I did not feel solidarity so much as a kind of sick feeling... people shouldn't have to be cajoled to vote! they should be standing in line, ready to stick it to the man! I mean exercise their constitutional right to participate in our democracy! (and can I just add as an aside that I cannot EVEN believe that women have had the vote for less than 100 years. How is this possible? what outrageous thing are we doing now that in 100 years people will be shaking their heads about? Too many to choose from!)

  4. The entire voting HIStory in this country is pretty amazing. When I see young(er) people all excited about voting and changing the world I feel all warm inside, and yet at the same time I want to just pat them on the head and give them a cookie. Aging has most definitely changed my outlook...oh well. At least the weather is warm.


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