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Thursday, August 13, 2015


So far August is hot and humid
and let's say d r y
busy but also vacation


  • I ordered a mattress from the internet and I love it. (old mattress was like trying to go to sleep but instead having a tiny monster made of springs softly punch me with its rock fists.) More on this in the future, in case you also have a mattress monster punching you with rock fists. 
  • that panorama beach picture above that doesn't quite fit is from July.
  • I've been listening to Rock Steady by No Doubt for the first time in ages.  SO MANY HITS. 


TOMATO TIME. They're coming on heavy right now. It's at least this many every other day.

This little dude came to visit today

Pretty little butterfly that came to visit. I like to think it's because of my bee/butterfly watering station, but let's be honest: it's probably the flowers.

Bee/butterfly watering station: take a dish (I used a regular old terra cotta flower pot saucer) fill it with rocks (I used agates and jasper and whatever else I dragged home from the beach) and then fill it with water! The rocks give those bees/butterflies a place to stand to get a drink. I'm having to rescue fewer bees from the birdbath! Downside: the cat LOOOOVES drinking from it so I have to fill it up at least twice a day. But it makes me feel good to do something for these little guys in this punishing heat.

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