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Monday, March 11, 2013
Today was bright but rainy - grey skies that were mostly white along with a constant drizzle. Saturday, on the other hand, was AMAZING in a blue skies and pleasant weather way. 

The first part of Saturday I spent at the Women's Expo with my friend L. I hadn't been to one since the 90s and it was pretty much as I remembered. (awful.) The vendors were roughly divided as follows: one part snake oil, one part boudoir photography, one part home party shopping, one part inexplicable home repair, one part chocolate. The chocolate was good! And to be fair there was one booth with some good looking bags and another from my favorite hippie shoe store. It was fun hanging out with L.,  but the next time someone wants to scratch their crowded convention center itch, I'm going to recommend Crafty Wonderland instead. But all in all = a plus and I'm glad I went. 

After the Expo I got home and my sister asked me if I wanted to go on a walk along the Eastbank Esplanade with her and Anonymous T. I said yes!

The day was gorgeous - bright sun, temperatures hovering around 60. There were people and dogs and bikes everywhere, not that you can tell from any of these pictures. 

These were all taken with my new phone - they're all instagrammed up, which is good for some things but bad for showing how blue the sky was! This is the Hawthorne bridge. We walked over it to get to Waterfront park and meet T. 

I'm not exactly sure which bridge this is - an onramp to the Marquam, maybe? That's a positive ID on the  Willamette river, though. The Burnside bridge is the one you can see through the pilings. (or is it the Morrison?) The sky was the color of the upper left quadrant ALL OVER. 

MYSTERY BRIDGE! The Morrison? Maybe they'll rename it the MYSTERY BRIDGE and I'll feel better about this...

The willows are just starting to turn green. Love these trees. That's the Hawthorne bridge and downtown on the other side.  (this was taken from the Fire Department building on the water. They were riding fire department jet skis all afternoon.) 

the TRUE BLUE SKY and the willow tree. 
2 comments on "bridges and willows"
  1. your mystery bridge is the Burnside Bridge, but the opposite side that people usually photograph, that has the towers.

  2. Thank you, Heidi! It was driving me crazy. Between the sun madness and instagram filters I didn't know what was what anymore!!


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