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Saturday, March 30, 2013
Bonnie's puppy Yukon. So cute I can't stand it.

This adorable puppy belongs not to me, but to weird cousin Bonnie (who is weird in the good way). They came to visit earlier this week. He's so very cute and a good natured little dude on top of that.

It's super sunny here right now and it's just lovely. I'm sitting at my desk under the window listening to Tame Impala on the stereo and happy birds out the window. As soon as I finish my current project (rubber stamp FUN TIMES) I may go sit in the sun out on the back patio and read my book.

I hope you're having a lovely weekend!  
2 comments on "a good morning"
  1. What is the name of that sweet puppy? I am glad you enjoyed the lovely sunshine! I want more!

  2. The puppy's name is Yukon! Bonnie's puppydaddy (??? I go back and forth on whether this formulation is hilarious or awful. maybe it's hilarious AND awful) fishes in Alaska A LOT and little Yukon will be going with him, so I think that's where it comes from.

    I'm also ready for more sun! Whatever happens, I want the weather to hold its position for more than 30 minutes because this back and forth stuff is giving me headaches.


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